Ryan Lenett on the importance of harnessing your mindset to build true success

Achievers add to the world at large, and what they add is just as important as how they added it. From philosophers to professors to sportspersons and all others, there seem to be common factors that push these individuals beyond what we thought humankind is capable of. These common factors come together under the umbrella of mindset. A strong mindset is a prerequisite to building true success. That is the core of everything that ace financial consultant Ryan Lenett believes in.

The mind drives the vehicle, which is obviously the body. This statement sounds straight out of a textbook, but that doesn’t make it wrong. However, it’s valuable to take a closer look to get to its essence. Ryan says, “The mind is a product of habit. Habits follow beliefs. It may sound corny, even untrue, but it is the fundamental requirement for success. When we believe in ourselves and our ability to carve our niche in the world, there’s little that can stop us from following our dreams. This belief leads us to cultivate useful habits to achieve our goals. As the habits set in, the mindset begins to take shape and soon aligns itself with our beliefs and goals.”

Scientists have long known the brain to be elastic in the sense that it can stretch enormously to accommodate new information, behavioural changes, and the like. This puts the power in our hands and lessens the fear that we have zero control over what happens to us and our lives. The brain is the ultimate level playing field, and for Ryan, it is the key to mastering our destiny one day and one thought at a time. A strong mindset is the result of consistent steps taken over time. As the famous line goes, it took Messi 19 years to become an overnight sensation; we see the man, the force – but often forget what it must have taken him to become that. Natural law ensures the same rules apply to everyone. Which means we all have the potential to reach our goals, provided we develop a growth mindset.”

Ryan has been a sales director, financial consultant, presenter, recruiter, brand ambassador, and team builder for a long time. Many of his peers wonder about his versatility. For him, it’s all about “developing a mindset which cannot be challenged, except in the face of higher knowledge. A strong mindset is about focus, not rigidity. It’s the ability to be flexible and make room for new things that allows us to get to the essence of developing a strong mindset. But it’s important not to confuse laziness or lack of clarity with flexibility. A strong mindset is as discerning as it is sharp, and if there’s anything that really sets me apart from others, in any way, I would say it’s my ability to be clear about my thoughts, emotions, and actions.”

Ryan Lenett’s self-confidence and faith in the strength of his mind are inspiring. We wish him the best of luck in his future.

LA Weekly