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Stereotyping is an insidious process and has been around for a very long time. Today as the world progresses, it can be said that the stereotypes or the stereotyping culture would no longer be followed or taken into account.

While stereotyping is a broad category, and many things fall under it, there are a few common stereotypes that no one talks about—for instance, dress codes, hair colors, piercings, tattoos, and many more. Stepping into 2021, some people will still judge others for wearing jeans to a meeting, for eating salad for lunch, for coloring their hair in bold colors, and the list goes on. But on the contrary, some people make a statement and break the stereotype!

Another very common stereotype associated with luxury brands is the usage of expensive materials such as gold, silver, diamonds, stainless steel, etc. People are accustomed to seeing nothing but lavish jewels and glittery, shiny materials when they invest in a reputable brand. Things like rubber and faux leather are not even considered a suitable material for the manufacturing of luxury wearable items. But breaking the stereotype here is an American company, ‘Rubber B.’ It is the only brand that has taken a bold initiative to incorporate rubber with luxury watches. Its innovation fits only leading watch brands like Rolex, Panerai, Apple, IWC, Tudor, Breitling, and many more is proof that it provides an elite variant of rubber for all the A-Listers.

Glamourizing Rubber

It is not a surprise that people do not consider rubber as a luxury material. It has been stereotyped as a cheap material because of its usage and association with relatively cheap and low-quality products that are not durable. With its high-quality and professionally manufactured rubber, Rubber B is slowly bringing a change in the luxury fashion industry and transforming the tarnished image that rubber has held for years.

Rubber B is a Swiss luxury watch strap manufacturer that is based in Florida, while their executive direction and product development are done in Switzerland. This brand was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs who specialized in the manufacturing of high-end jewelry and watches and has been making strides in the watch industry ever since. Rubber B straps are the first of their kind and are the only integrated rubber straps and have always been made 100% in Switzerland by Absolute Leaders in the Haute Horology Industry.

Adhering to the brand standard and quality, Rubber B manufactures its straps in Switzerland from a high-density composite, which is known as the ‘Vulcanized Rubber.’ This material provides industry-proven excellent resistance to extreme stretching, external environmental factors such as UV, Ozone, and the damaging contact of the salty, aquatic environment. Rubber B uses reliable and pure, Vulcanized Rubber that does not involve quality declining procedures such as treatments, silicone blends, or coatings. By using high-quality rubber, the outcome that is achieved is ultimate flexibility and durability against tearing or fading, encouraging a long-lasting life without any deformation in its shape or damage from prolonged use.

Revolutionizing Rolex

Rolex has brand equity like none other. Its name can be used as a synonym for ‘luxury.’ This luxury watch brand has created a worldwide loyal and high-end consumer base over the years. Anyone who has ever purchased a Rolex watch can swear by its quality, immaculate detail, excellent design, and epic durability.

It can be said without a doubt that Rolex is associated with royalty. And to be able to give the classic Rolex watches a new look by incorporating rubber is surely is a difficult challenge. With its high quality, Swiss-made rubber, Rubber B has managed to create a unique product that no one could have dreamt of!

Rubber B was the first company to ever conceive and manufacture integrated rubber straps for Rolex watches and clasps in 2010. It created a small line of rubber straps for two particular Rolex watch models presented to a timid public: ‘Rubber B for Submariner’ and ‘Rubber B for Daytona on Strap.’

Over the years, Rubber B straps have been widely embraced by enthusiasts and initial critics alike, proving over the test of time that a Rubber B strap truly is an endearing product that brings innovation and luxury alternative options to Rolex watch owners.

Rubber B straps’ signature detail is that each band model contains a solid insert that has been micro-calibrated for one particular watch case. It provides a rotation-free mount to the intended Rolex case and a flawless curved-end integration to the Rolex lugs and bezel without any spaces or gaps.

The superior quality vulcanized rubber that Rubber B is what sets it apart from the rest. Every Rubber B is smooth, dense, and elasticized to a perfect level, allowing the Rolex strap to conform naturally and comfortably around the wearer’s wrist.

The CEO of Rubber B, Arnaud Benjamin, aspires to expand its business, providing the finest rubber quality to every luxury watch brand and revolutionize the way rubber is perceived.


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