Rozy Yan Spreads Awareness of the Armenian Genocide Through Her Latest Song “Remember 1915”

The power of music can bring people together for a certain cause. However, it takes a passionate musician with a pure heart and a golden voice to spread a message that will resonate deep within the hearts of a global audience. She is using her talents to spread her message to the people through her latest project, “Remember 1915.”

Rozy Yan is deeply passionate about music. “It heals me. It protects me. It is therapy,” shared the renowned singer. Thankful for all the blessings that she receives every day, she hopes to spread an important message to the world—one that she holds dearly as it is a huge part of her own heritage.

The talented singer is an Armenian through and through. Rozy Yan’s mother was born in Greece, and her maternal grandparents migrated from Greece to Armenia in the 1900s. As a proud Christian, she shares the story of the Armenian Genocide to the world, taking it upon herself to express the truth through her song, “Remember 1915.”

“I have a story to share with the entire world. This is my mission. Innocent lives have been taken away. My song expresses the truth. Listen to it,” expressed Rozy Yan. With the help of her talented team, she hopes to tug the heartstrings of many of her international fans as she tells them a story that they will surely remember.

“Remember 1915” is a collaborative effort between Rozy Yan and her producer, Harold Moet. She also thanks her manager, G-Raff, for trusting her and giving her the opportunity to share her story with the world. Most importantly, she thanks God for the shower of blessings and opportunities that have landed on her lap since the beginning of her musical career.

Ultimately, Rozy Yan hopes to share the moments of the 1915 Armenian Genocide with the world in peace. Every Armenian respects and celebrates 4/24/1915, and she hopes that more and more people in the world will remember this day to foster the culture and history of Armenia.

“We are a culture that will never be destroyed. We are that culture that will create light in the dark. Our goal is to keep our identity and continue to love,” passionately explained Rozy.

In the near future, Rozy Yan hopes to become an even more accomplished artist, touring the world and spreading her music. With her recent project, “Remember 1915,” Rozy Yan hopes to provide the world with more awareness about her culture and the Armenian Genocide that happened on 4/24/1915. She knows that the song will be recognized by every Armenian, and it will touch everyone’s hearts once they listen to it.

A memorial march is set to take place on 4/24/22 on Hollywood Boulevard in honor of all the Armenians who were massacred by Turks.

“Until today the Turk continues to deny the Genocide. The reason why every year the Armenian culture marches to the Turkish embassy is to demand acceptance of the Genocide,” explained Rozy. You can listen to her new song “Remember 1915” on Apple Music.

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