Rosland Capital Review – Are They A Scam Or Legit?

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A precious metals broker, Rosland Capital has been in operation since 2008. Besides selling precious metals, representatives of the company can assist you in starting a self-directed gold IRA account. Nevertheless, a lot of negative reviews have been written about the company.  Is

Rosland Capital a scam?

We believe a more reputable dealer can supply you with everything this company offers.  However, let us look at what is offered by the company.  We will also look at their track record and things you should understand before buying from them.

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Table of Contents

About the Company

Offered Services

Establishing a Gold IRA

Investing Fees

Customer Reviews

Bottom Line

About Rosland Capital

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in precious metals.  Individuals have become increasingly aware of the precarious nature of the stock and real estate markets.  In 2008, the economic recession causes many individuals to plunge into crisis.  Precious metal investing can provide a degree of shelter from these events.

Rosland Capital Review

Additionally, precious metals safeguard against inflation.  A dollar that was made in 1970 is virtually worthless today.  However, precious metal value has strengthened over time to make adjustments for inflation.  If the dollar from 1970 was invested in gold, it would have roughly the same value today.

Rosland Capital enables individuals to purchase platinum, gold, silver and palladium in both bars and coins.  They also assist individuals with setting up gold IRAs.   The process of setting up self-directed IRAs can be complicated without having a background in tax law and investment.

A gold IRA enables investors to hold some of their retirement assets in precious metals.  This safeguards against losses if the stock market crashes and ensures you will have a nest egg to tide you over until an economic recovery.  You will need to get bullion, coins, and bars that adhere to the purity standards of the IRS.

Additionally, it is possible to use the company to directly purchase precious metals. If there is an existing portfolio you would like to diversify, you can use these services.  The best thing to do is to compare prices among different dealers to ensure you are getting the cost closest to market value.

Rosland Capital has been around since 2008.  Although self-directed IRAs are particular to the United States, precious metals are also sold to international clients.  Customers include individuals living in the countries below:



The United Kingdom

Hong Kong

Of course, individuals in the US make the majority of the clientele.

Offered Services

Rosland is among many companies that specialize in gold IRAs and they focus on educating clients as well. You can discuss the risks and benefits of gold IRAs with their specialists, which will assist you in determining whether a gold IRA account is the best alternative for you.

Precious metal IRA accounts assist you with using material assets to stabilize your retirement account. Sometimes, individuals invest in real estate to have tangible assets. However, the precious metals market tends to be less volatile than the real estate market.  Many individuals do not feel secure investing in real estate since 2008 when the housing bubble burst.

Rosland specializes in IRAs and as such, their representatives can assist you in deciding the precious metals that are most suitable for your portfolio.  They might suggest a combination of assets to serve multiple purposes. The objective is to select assets that are in compliance with IRS regulations concerning self-directed IRAs.


We know that choosing a company to buy gold with is an important decision. Because of our expensive research, we have recommended Goldco as the best company to work with for IRA AND non-IRA accounts. Rosland Capital is still a great company, but we recommend Goldco because of their expertise.

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Bullion and Coins

If you do not wish to open a new retirement account but you would like to invest in precious metals, that can be done.  This is a remarkable method of securing your assets against inflation and safeguarding yourself during periods of economic instability.  Furthermore, short-term returns can be yielded.  Additionally, some individuals opt to personally invest in precious metals to use in emergency situations.  If you ever need to, these metals can be quickly liquidated.

Storing precious metals in your home is the best way; however, you can select your own storage method when making a personal investment.  With IRAs, an IRS-compliant storage facility must be used.   Furthermore, you must pay monthly or annual fees for your custodian to take care of the account.

Gold is the primary precious metal for Rosland; however, they have silver coins available as well.  Additionally, you have the option of investing in platinum bars.  Sometimes, the company offers palladium bars via the brokerage but this happens very rarely.

There is also the option of buying collector’s coins but these cannot be used in a gold IRA account.  They may be used to commemorate different settings or historical events.  Lots of coin collectors enjoy looking for rare collections in good condition.  Over time, they have the capacity to grow a lot; however, they are a risky investment as well.

Establishing a Gold IRA

If you have made the decision to set up a gold IRA, the process will involve three main steps.  You will be able to discuss the procedures with a representative and talk about the costs you can expect to incur.  Additionally, you will learn about the risks and benefits of different metals to make the correct selection for your portfolio.

Setting up the actual IRA account is the first step in the process.  This could prove challenging when you are attempting to handle it by yourself.  There is plenty of paperwork that can become difficult to wade through.  However, your specialist is experienced, so he or she can make the process easier for you.

The whole process is streamlined.  All the necessary forms will be sent that you to fill in and sign.  The company collaborates with Equity Institutional to provide custodial service. You will complete an application to do business with them; however, your Rosland rep will streamline the communication.

This way, you will know all the necessary paperwork is filled out and you will not have to waste time looking for a custodian service.  Additionally, you will not have to speak with tons of different entities to set up your account.

Choosing your assets is the next step.  When your account has been created, the next move will be to convert your monies into gold.  Your questions can be answered by your representative and he or she can assist you with making the final selections for the IRA.

Funding your account is the final step.  A variety of techniques can be used to do this.  They include using your personal savings and rolling over an existing retirement account.

When the account is funded, the company will send the precious metals you have bought to an IRS-approved depository situated in Delaware.  In contrast to other companies, Rosland has just a single secure storage vault.  Other companies allow you to select a vault in a specific region.

Your precious metal is protected in a vault that is distinct from the assets of everyone else.  Only you and your custodian can access it. This helps with limiting the chances of fraud or theft.  Additionally, your deposit will be fully insured to safeguard you against catastrophes like natural disasters.

That is all it takes to set up.  You will keep on paying Equity Institutional yearly to take care of the account.  At 72 years old, you will have to start taking distributions.  At this point, you will have the option of liquidating your account for cash or removing the metals from your account.

This process resembles the one other gold IRA companies use.  You will go through a streamlined and easy process when the services of a more highly-recommended company are used.

Investing Fees

The company has relatively straightforward fees.  The fees can be verified with your representative before making your purchase.

Rosland Capital Review

It costs 50 dollars to set up your account.  This assists with covering the convenience of having an experienced professional take you through the pile of paperwork.   Additionally, you are required to pay a minimum of 225 dollars to cover an annual custodial fee.  You need a minimum of 10,000 dollars to invest if you would like to open a gold IRA.


We know that choosing a company to buy gold with is an important decision. Because of our expensive research, we have recommended Goldco as the best company to work with for IRA AND non-IRA accounts. Rosland Capital is still a great company, but we recommend Goldco because of their expertise.

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Getting Started

Rosland has a lot of poor consumer reviews; therefore, they are not among our top recommendations for gold IRA companies.  However, if you would still like to work with them:

Log on to their website and complete the contact form.

Make a request to set up a gold IRA.

Contact the company to talk about your options and ask questions you might have.

At this point, you will talk with a representative who will help you through the remainder of the process.

Customer Reviews

The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  However, the ratings from actual customers are considerably worse.  Not many reviews are there; however, the total average of the reviews is only 1.25 stars.  Reviews on Trustlink are also a mixture of negative and positive responses.

Rosland Capital Review

Even so, the company has received AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance, which is their top mark.  This means the company has strong business practices and integrity.

Some individuals have recounted having good experiences with Rosland Capital.  However, there are also reports of the agents being rude, the salespeople being aggressive, and the difficulty experienced when speaking with customer service reps.

There are six complaints that have been catalogued against the company by Ripoff Report.  All the reports highlighted that collectible coins are marked up by the company and sold at a very high rate. Making any return then becomes challenging.   This is unfortunately a commonplace with collectible coins.  That market is not as competitive compared to pure precious metals; therefore, dealers have artificially inflated the prices.

Particular Complaints

The specifics of individuals’ complaints should be noted.  Although many have been resolved, the level of dissatisfaction is alarming.  It indicates that more customers are unhappy than happy with their operation.

Some individuals might contend that it is more likely for a customer to leave a bad review after doing business with a company.  However, there are many industry leaders with hundreds of remarkable reviews. Furthermore, the declarations about Rosland are less than desirable.

The specific criticisms that the company has received include:

Customer service reps are unhelpful and rude.

Rare coins are exorbitantly priced.

Purchased metals were not received in a timely manner.

Orders received were different from what was purchased.

A total of 23 complaints were made over the last three years.  This number is astounding, particularly because of the size of the company.  Five of the grievances were resolved or closed over the last year.

They are claiming to be the speediest precious metals company around as it relates to shipping; however, this is not true.  Their products take as long as 14 days to arrive, and this is actually industry standard.  The company claims its competitors take up to 28 days, but that is uncommon.

They have received top marks from the BCA; however, they have received a fair amount of client complaints as well.  There have been thirteen complaints filed within the past three years. However, they resolved one hundred percent of the complaints.

Over 350,000 dollars was being disputed.  Since then, roughly 175,000 dollars of it has been settled. It is uncertain whether they plan to settle the remainder of the funds.

Concerning complaint resolutions, the BCA provides more information compared to the BBB.  Statistics reveal:

Two individuals received full refunds.

For five individuals, adjustments were made.

For six individuals, no changes were done, and the case was closed.

Considering half of their complaints were closed without any adjustment made, we would be wary of investing with the company.  You could end up dealing with a lot of pointless hassles and headaches.

If you will be entering into a long-term investment arrangement with a company, it is a good idea to work with an organization that cares.

Bottom Line


We know that choosing a company to buy gold with is an important decision. Because of our expensive research, we have recommended Goldco as the best company to work with for IRA AND non-IRA accounts. Rosland Capital is still a great company, but we recommend Goldco because of their expertise.

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The company has all the basics that you would seek out in a gold IRA company.  Rosland has specialized representatives who are able to provide guidance throughout the process of setting up, and they are relatively transparent with their fees.

Individuals have stated that they have had exceptional results working with the company.  They have mentioned the expertise and knowledge of the company experts.  When individuals get through to customer service reps, it is roughly a fifty-fifty chance whether that representative will provide any worthwhile assistance.

However, there are enough poor customer reviews to be concerned.  It is a challenge to find customer reviews online, and the ones that are written are mainly bad.  Individuals have stated that they have a difficult time getting to talk to real people, the company’s reps do not pay attention to their needs, and there is a lot of needless upselling.

Particularly, bad client reviews concentrate mainly on collectible coins.  The reviews highlighted that the coins are significantly marked above their actual value.  The salespersons charge preposterously high commission rates and are not transparent regarding them.  This has resulted in many customers feeling defrauded.

Therefore, we recommend setting up your Gold IRA investment with another company.  Fostering a long-term connection with a company that truly cares about your needs is much better than working with one by which you will be frustrated.

Even though we believe Rosland Capital is a fairly good company, we believe there are better companies with which to make your investment.

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