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South El Monte, California native Ronnie Gauthier has always had tenacity, a drive, and a passion. Initially pursuing psychology, she was in the midst of completing her master’s degree when her husband, Jay Gauthier, got his start in the financial industry. While Ronnie supported the duo for some time, she became inspired by the momentum her husband was creating in finances. So much so, that she decided to jump ship and dive into business with her partner and open up an office. Reflecting on this, Ronnie has said, “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Together, Ronnie and Jay help lead, train, coach, develop, and mentor thousands of people to reach success financially. Currently, they have about 150 agents across the United States who work with them. “We work with some really amazing people in that they love what they do. Ultimately, when you love what you do, you do good – as cheesy as that may sound.”

Working with high-energy, ambitious, and competitive individuals has made working fun for Ronnie and her team, creating a positive environment to work and grow in. Although major challenges did appear along the way, notably struggling to cover business expenses, and difficulty finding reliable agents to work with, Ronnie and Jay preserved and figured out a consistent system through trial and error.

Now, Ronnie’s financial firm has become one of the most successful in North America. In addition to her success entrepreneurially, she’s also grown a sizable following online, giving her a platform on social media as an influencer. Ronnie often shares motivational quotes and posts on her Instagram, as well as helping host a podcast called “Win Anyway with Ronnie & Jay Gauthier Jr.”.

Ronnie and her partner Jay are just getting started on their journey, and hope to help thousands more grow, learn, and thrive financially. Five years from now, Ronnie hopes to have a thousand agents within their organization and multiple offices across the United States. The goal is to expand their reach further and educate many more families and individuals on their finances. “It really is something that has the potential to change future generations.”

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