Romi Chase: Multi-Millionaire and Award Winning Plus-Sized Model

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            The world just seems to hate seeing powerful women prosper, doesn’t it? From slandering celebrities to gaslighting in the home, it can seem at times that society just cannot stand to see women win. Sadly, the years of internalized sexism have worn many women down to timid, unambitious individuals rather than the CEO, headstrong person every woman holds within. To combat this trend, some brave people have come forth to act as a role model for women feeling trapped in by society and need a guiding light through the confusing darkness of it all. One such hero, Romi Chase, has shared her story with us in an effort to give more women the confidence to unapologetically be themselves, and to inspire others to think more optimistically about their futures.

            Who is Romi Chase, you ask? Well, she is a very diversely-invested individual with a hand in what seems like every pot. Previously a high school teacher, Romi has definitely changed to the more intimate, artful side of careers. Right now, she is a plus-size model, an adult content creator, influencer, business/lifestyle coach, self-made entrepreneur, and upcoming singer. As well, Romi selflessly coaches other women on how to make more money to satisfy their debts and promote the well-being of in-need women; her clients go from being on welfare for years to making 6-figure salaries with a Mercedes in their driveway… in a mere 6 months! Her work in all these fields has been well-decorated, as she holds nominations for the Inked Angels awards, Ynot social media star, Xbiz 2022, and Urban x awards’ OnlyFans star of the year (for which she remains as a top 1% earner). Romi Chase has flat-out won first at the Xbiz awards in 2021 for “Best BBW Premium Social Media Star,” as well as the Alt-Star 2022 “Best Social Media Star.” On top of all these accomplishments, she has been featured on 50 Cent’s channel; Thisis50 Hottest in the Streets show, the SDR show hosted by a popular comedian Big Jay Oakerson, the NNFA show,, Lisa Ann’s “Dudes do Better” show, Angela Yee Lip-Service show, Spliffs and Gigglesa and much more. Hungry for more success, Romi Chase hopes in the future to sing for Kim Kardashian, star in a live-show with hit-pop-artist Lizzo, and to take herself to the next level as a musician.

            Romi Chase has also seen her fair share of the dark side of the world, though, and only after crawling through it all did she feel she was in a knowledgeable-enough position to help others do the same. Growing up in Poland was extremely difficult for her, as she was the daughter of an abusive, alcoholic, and narcissistic mother coupled with a stereotypical “too busy” father. At the young age of only 15, Romi Chase lost both her parents in the same year. She was then taken into the home of a family member who cared little for her and only wished to claim the financial benefits of housing her. At 17, she was kicked out of his home and proceeded to move in with her young, struggling boyfriend. Later, Romi immigrated to the United States and arrived broke yet starving for prosperity. When her small career began to gain traction, she was again met with strife. Haunting her were death-threats, aggressive stalkers, body-shamers, jealousy, abusers and more. Romi Chase recalls to us a specific instance in which a man sent videos of him chopping at a palm tree as he exclaimed that he would do the same to her. Yet, through all this turmoil, Romi Chase maintained an optimistic outlook on life and has managed to continue to teach the same to others.

            3 years since she came to the United States, Romi Chase is a self-made millionaire, co-owner of a car-wrapping shop, OnlyFans top 1% earner, coach, boudoir photographer, and idol for women everywhere looking for help to do better for themselves. She is truly a beacon of hope for the coming generations, and her perseverance is commendable to the highest extent.

            To see more of Romi Chase (and to hear her beautiful voice!), give her a follow on her Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube channel.

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