With the new administration in effect many believe that the cannabis industry will not only continue to boom, but will likely face either less regulation or perhaps become decriminalized. This shift will usher in a natural change in attitude, one of leniency and acceptance towards marijuana, more so than we’ve previously seen. And where social opinion goes, free markets follow to meet rising demand. Although the industry is saturated with a myriad brands and products—from topical application products to culinary creations—there remains a void in the market for high-end cannabis. Meaning, truly high caliber, luxury-level marijuana brands. One such company has recently emerged with a more than fitting name, FIRE. Co-Founded by young entrepreneur, designer, and influencer, Roman Royale, it targets those who have high standards and favor the finer things in life.

When asked about the quality Roman explains that “FIRE is a luxury brand of cannabis—think Gucci or Louis Vuitton, the quality of what we offer is of that same value, as well as the image we project,” he adds. In terms of the actual product, the company’s flagship item is a24K gold pre-roll joint with triple-a indoor flower, and if that doesn’t scream luxe, we don’t know what does. FIRE focuses on growing top of the line cannabis that has a high and pure THC percentage, while the branding further emphasizes and supports this level. In that sense, the company is as much a lifestyle brand as it is a consumer-facing product. “With hip collaborations, great events, award winning strains, and our network of support we want you to know it’s not just cannabis, it’s an entire lifestyle. We’re here to take you higher, physically and mentally,” adds Roman.

For anyone who is interested in taking their cannabis game to the next level, or maybe venturing into the space for the first time, FIRE is the brand to try.

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