RollBit Is the Perfect Intersection of Sports and NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are changing how we see video games and sports gambling. Unlike typical fantasy sports platforms, blockchain-based platforms take advantage of both new tech developments and long-standing games for everyone to enjoy. That means if you are interested in basketball, for instance, there’s a product just for you. More importantly, all bets are executed through smart contracts, ensuring fairness in gameplay while keeping all sensitive data confidential. RollBit, the world’s first-ever, fully-fledged cryptocurrency casino, is taking that even further. The brand is eager to launch its new, innovative utility NFTs called Rollbots.

Rollbot NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique sports robots living on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs have over 600 distinct traits, giving them great utility and making them a desired collectible. These Rollbot NFTs will benefit their holders in several ways. First, they allow their users to own part of the Rollbit casino and earn a share of the profit from some areas. According to RollBit’s official website, “Sports Rollbots holders earn a share of the profit from Rollbit’s Sportsbook. 10% is paid out for all sports, and you receive up to 30% for sports that match your Sports Rollbot!”

Ownership of Rollbots also allows the holder to enjoy VIP benefits, which will increase with the increase in the number of NFTs you own. Some of the VIP benefits include access to an ongoing lottery with weekly prizes, rewards, and other perks. The holder may also trade Rollbots on Rollbit’s upcoming NFT marketplace and earn a tidy sum in passive income. So far, thousands of holders have enjoyed many of those benefits. Since the launch of the V1 Rollbots, holders have earned over $28.2M in 5 months from 32 sports. Rollbit hosts a diverse selection of games, including slots, table games, game shows, and exclusive in-house games. That is about to change with Rollbit’s upcoming NFT drop.

The developers recently announced that V2 of the Sports Rollbots is coming soon, together with its new Sportsbook. The Sportsbook will go live immediately after the Rollbots sale concludes, unveiling new and improved features. Unlike the first version, V2 will support over 80 sports from day one of the launch, giving the holders even more opportunities to win. RollBit’s main objective is to provide an innovative and more interactive experience for sports gamblers, and that’s why they enable users to bet on the world’s most popular sporting events.

Community building is ongoing, with thousands of prizes going to active members on Rollbit’s Discord platform. Rollbit runs multiple contests every week where lucky winners win thousands of dollars in prizes. The team has announced that 25 new special Rollbots with special utility will be distributed to lucky winners. Active members of the Discord community have higher chances of winning these highly coveted Rollbots.

Other exclusive benefits include earning thousands of dollars in free sports bets every month. The rarer Sports Rollbots will unlock the best free bets. Another advantage is that Rollbot holders can enjoy leveraged cryptocurrency trading. The Rollbit platform has eight available cryptocurrencies, and it’s still adding to this number. The platform plans to release many more exciting features soon, and you can join the Discord community to get the latest announcements.

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