The Best Roleplay Onlyfans Accounts of 2023

Screen Shot 2021 09 03 at 3 2It’s fun to take on a new role once in a while, and it’s even more fun if your partner gets really into it. That’s why we’re bringing you some Onlyfans roleplay specialists, so you can dive in and really experience the best ways to play student and teacher, Mistress and slave, son and mommy, and anything and everything else you can think up. When it comes to wild erotic pleasures, and you want to wear a metaphorical mask, well there’s a huge amount of stunning beauties who can’t wait to play with you.

We didn’t just track down babes who dabble in roleplay, we tracked down those women who love it. They’re passionate, they can’t get enough roleplay in their lives, and it drives them to new heights of creativity and enthusiasm. These roleplay queens love what they do, and the experience and desire they bring to the table can’t be duplicated easily. Kick back and enjoy the very best roleplay Onlyfans stars of 2023:

Best Roleplay OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Roleplay OnlyFans Models Accounts of 2023


Best 10 Roleplay OnlyFans

#1. Bea York – Sexiest Posting Schedule



  • Over 256,000 Likes
  • Nearly 1,000 Videos
  • Over 20,000 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Bea York:

Bea York calls herself the thick girl next door, and she’s one of the most imaginative roleplaying babes we’ve ever found. She’s into fetish play, light femdom, dildo play, anal, sexy lingerie, and a lot more where that comes from. But roleplay is by and large her favorite!

Bea York has a naughty little posting schedule. Sundays are for cute posts without makeup. Mondays are the best, because everything goes on Monday. Tuesdays are dedicated for professional shoots, but if one can’t be scheduled, she’ll spend her time on Twitch. Wednesdays are wildcard days – you never know what you’ll get. Thursdays Bea posts a throwback roleplay video over ten minutes long. Fridays are for new roleplay videos. Saturdays are the dealer’s choice, and the best time to make a request. Bea has one of the biggest backlogs of content we’ve ever seen, and she offers discounts on fun custom content. You’d be crazy to miss out on this curvy cutie!

#2. Nora Charm – Best Girlfriend Experience



  • Over 21,000 Likes
  • 100 Videos and Counting
  • Over 1,100 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Nora Charm:

Nora Charm is a busty babe with a vivid fantasy universe for you to check out. She is excited to provide you a virtual experience that’s out of this world. Her moans are world famous. She’s highly approachable. She has a high sex drive, and can’t be easily sated. Nora’s heavily into roleplay, mommy play, giantess, fetish fun, and providing salacious girlfriend experiences.

Nora provides daily content featuring her big tits and ass, and she’s eager to see all your kinkiest custom content needs come to life. Her sexting sessions are extremely creative and fun, she never says no to some tantalizing toys, and her dick rates are phenomenal. This is one Canadian who never disappoints.

#3. Alexa Crush – Best Cosplay



  • Over 24,000 Likes
  • Over 170 Videos
  • 4,400 Photos and Rising

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About Alexa Crush:

Alexa Crush is a tempting, titillating little tease who loves to cum and dress up in cosplay. She’s a horny dork, and will easily become one of your favorite creators. Alexa’s all about providing some sensational sexual experiences that’ll have her, and her fans climaxing again and again.

Alexa is a sensual soloist, and her Onlyfans roleplay content is out of this world. Her dick rate menu is one of her more unique aspects. She can recommend you some new reading material, or you can spin the dick rate wheel and see what kind of JOI you get. You can choose a classic dick rate, or go all out the premium JOI version, which is her most intimate option. You’re going to fall head over heels for Alexa Crush!

#4. Coywilder – Best Threesomes



  • Over 65,000 Likes
  • 300 Videos and Counting
  • Over 1,000 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Coywilder:

Coywilder is a spicy brunette who goes to church and happens to love facials. Her sexting sessions are amazing, and her custom cock rates are worth every minute. You can video chat with her to your heart’s content, or request custom content.

Coywilder provides some of the best roleplay Onlyfans content ever. She loves to take on the role of mommy, MILF, stepmom, teacher, stepsister, cuckoldress, Domme, or submissive. Coywilder is also into anal, threesomes with two ladies, guy on girl (with a priority for facials, creampies, and strangers), girl on girl, and of course, lots of nudity. Enjoy yourself in there!

#5. Jamie Foster – Best Mature Babe



  • Over 69,000 Likes
  • 2,300 Videos and Rising
  • Over 3,600 Photos

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About Jamie Foster:

Jamie Foster’s feed is the place to be to see the mature Onlyfans star Jamie Foster (who is also a standup comedian under the name Sally Mullins). Jamie provides daily updates, lurid dirty talk, and some amazing naked yoga.

Jamie is highly fetish friendly, and provides all kinds of horny roleplay. In fact, she loves it so much, she mentions it more than a few times in succession. When you’re not enjoying her Onlyfans roleplay account, you can pop into her alternate account designated to JOI, another of Jamie Foster’s steamy specialties.

#6. Denali – Perviest Cum Dumpster



  • Over 8,800 Likes
  • Over 100 Videos
  • Over 400 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Denali:

Denali is a roleplay goddess, a curvy British ebony knockout, and one stunning, salacious internet babe. She’s got two accounts. The one featured here is her softcore account, where you’ll get nudes, previews, games, campaigns, and specialized, affordable bundles. Her VIP page is more hardcore, and has all of this included in it.

Denali provides some of the best roleplay Onlyfans content around, and often provides free gifts for those who have their rebill turned on. If it’s nasty, nerdy, kinky, or wild, Denali is probably really into it. She’s your slutty Domme-next-door, your fantasy roleplay e-brat, and she’s filthy in the DMs. Be sure to check her out, she’s a tasty treat that can’t be beat.

#7. Mistress Sandra – Kinkiest Roleplayer




  • Over 101,000 Likes
  • Over 150 Videos
  • 700 Photos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About Mistress Sandra:

Mistress Sandra is the ultimate tease queen, and she absolutely loves pegging. She knows you aspire to have her own you, and if you’re a really good boy, you might just get lucky in that regard. You can look forward to new clips weekly, with exclusive photos and videos posted regularly.

Under Mistress Sandra’s care, you’ll see sissy training and tasks, slave training, be able to take part in daily sexting, video call sessions, order custom clips or dick ratings, and be able to serve Mistress Sandra to your fullest capabilities.  She knows her role well, and she expects you to know yours, which is at her feet.

#8. Camilla Bangs – Naughtiest Secret Mistress



  • Over 28,000 Likes
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Over 350 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Camilla Bangs:

Camilla Bangs absolutely loves roleplay. Her favorite thing to do in this world is to create fantasies and bring them to life. Whether she’s the naughty cheating wife, the horny stepmom, or your secret mistress, she plays the role exceptionally well.

Camilla Bangs is more than an Onlyfans roleplay aficionado; she’s into spicy sexting sessions, custom content creation, video calls, and she’s a squirter once you get her going. She offers multiple month subscription bonuses, so you can get more of her for less in the long run. This curvaceous carnal cutie is eager to show you a good time, so you should come on in and say hi.

#9. Mora – Best Cuckholdress



  • Over 15,000 Likes
  • Free Account
  • Over 100 Photos

Where to Follow:

About Mora:

Mora is into all things involved in kinky roleplay. Right off the bat, she loves to do video calls, and is available 24/7 to suit her fans’ needs. She loves to take on the Femdom role, or practice her Findom if you want your wallet to suffer. You’ll get pegging content, sissy games, JOI and CEI, footjob and titjobs, SPH, ASMR, and sexting sessions.

Mora is an experienced Domina who loves to provide some strict dick rates for her loyal subs. She provides POV content, and expects you to be a proper gentleman. If you send a photo or video unsolicited, or ask for free stuff, you’ll be swiftly blocked, so be sure to follow the rules!

#10. Adriana Chechik – Best Group Sex



  • Over 1.97 Million Likes
  • Over 250 Videos
  • 2,300 Photos and Counting

Where to Follow:

About Adriana Chechik:

Adriana Chechik is a big name in the porn industry, and one of the best roleplay Onlyfans content creators in the world. Adriana loves to sext with fans, and she’s constantly making new X-rated posts that are certain to get you off.

Among her many interests, you’ll find guy on girl, girl on girl, plenty of group sex, her outstanding roleplay footage, JOI, and her solos branded under the name BratNasty. When you choose to follow her, you can go for a long-term subscription discount, and she hopes you’ll say hi and tell her your favorite fantasies. 

Your Roleplay Onlyfans FAQ’s

Who are the best Roleplay Onlyfans models today?

If you love roleplay, then you’re going to want some passionate partners. Lucky for you, we’ve found all the best Roleplay Onlyfans stars, and listed them right here. Check out Bea York for the sexiest posting schedule, or Nora Charm for the best girlfriend experience. Alexa Crush does the best cosplay around, and Coywilder hosts some salacious threesomes that you won’t want to miss. Jamie Foster is one hot mature babe who loves to take on whatever role you want.

You’ll love Denali, who is set on becoming your favorite cum dumpster. Mistress Sandra is a kinky roleplayer who’ll put you in your place, and Camilla Bangs is your naughtiest secret mistress. Mora is the best cuckoldress in the group, while Adriana Chechik performs best in a group setting, if you catch our drift.

What do the top Roleplay Onlyfans creators earn?

Okay, ready your calculators and a grain of skepticism, as we’re about to wade into some number juggling – the Onlyfans edition. Bear in mind that we’re working with rough approximations based on available data, so consider these numbers more as ballpark figures than exact calculations. Buckled in? Let’s hit the road! The typical Onlyfans trailblazer is pocketing approximately $200 a month. Seems on the low side? Remember, plenty of accounts are inactive, and their $0 monthly income skews the average downward. But let’s be real, we’re more interested in those outperforming the average, aren’t we?

The upper 10% of Onlyfans celebrities are making a tidy sum monthly, easily amassing thousands. We’re talking sufficient to trade the daily grind for a lifestyle of artistic freedom and self-expression. For the top tier, the elite 1% – these individuals are pulling in an impressive $10,000 or more every month. And as for the celebrity creators – they’re setting new benchmarks, amassing millions in a single weekend. Therefore, Onlyfans can indeed be a veritable treasure trove if you’re willing to put in the work. However, keep in mind that hitting the jackpot requires genuine dedication and hard work!

How do I grow my own Onlyfans Roleplay account?

Starting your journey on Onlyfans or just refining your existing strategy? Either way, your initial focal point should be your profile page. Consider it as your storefront – it’s all about drawing in fans, not repelling them. An enticing profile and cover photo along with an intriguing bio is your ideal first impression kit. Sure, writing about yourself can be somewhat challenging, but trust us, it’s worthwhile. Set the stage, share some tidbits about yourself, and outline the alluring content you plan to produce. This provides fans a preview of what they’re committing to!

Following this, become a social butterfly! Ensure your social media profiles mirror your Onlyfans persona, serving as little signposts guiding fans back to your main attraction. Fans relish exploring these platforms to gain insight into your personality and verify your activity. Looking to broaden your reach? Immerse yourself in the Reddit universe. A multitude of subreddits are ready for you to exhibit your craft. If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit, a brief online tutorial should put you on the right track. Before long, your Onlyfans account will be flourishing, just like the anticipation of your fans during a tantalizing performance!

How does Onlyfans pay its creators?

Accessing your earnings from Onlyfans is as straightforward as it gets. Your hard-earned money is held in a secure account, and you’re free to take a sneak peek at your growing balance whenever you fancy. Ready to move the funds to your personal account? A simple click of a button gets the job done, or you can set up a monthly automatic transfer. Either way, your earnings find their way to you.

Just a quick word of caution – the transfer process may take between three to five business days due to standard banking protocols, so a touch of patience goes a long way. But rest easy, your earnings will arrive.

Before you dash off to celebrate and splurge on some much-deserved luxuries, don’t forget about the taxman. As a self-employed dynamo, it’s crucial to set aside a portion for taxes. Once that’s taken care of, feel free to enjoy your earnings and live it up!



For amazing roleplay and even more amazing women, you’ve seen the best in the world. Did you have a favorite? Did you get to see these ladies in action yet? If not, you definitely want to dive in. We can wax poetic all day long about how great these gals are, but the whole point of roleplay is interacting with your partners. It makes a world of difference when you find a partner who loves the game.

Variety is also the spice of life. There’s so much more you can do in a sexy scene if you and your play partner are open to wild experiences. From anal to BDSM to foot play to costumes, there’s so much more in store with a specialist than your average creator. You wanted an excellent erotic adventure into the world of roleplay, and you got it. Now all you have to do is enjoy it. Check back again soon for even more amazing ladies coming your way!

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