Private label log structures made simple by Eurodita

The growing popularity of glulam log cabins is maybe because of some of the most important benefits that it offers to manufacturers like Eurodita. Eurodita Trusted log structure manufacturer offers cabins that are simple to ship and easy to assemble because of their low maintenance costs and lightweight functionality.

KAUNAS, Lithuania, September 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ showed a major Concerns over global sustainability, as well as the ongoing oil crisis, are among the main factors driving the market for lightweight wood products to drastically rise over the period. This involves log homes constructed of long-lasting, ethically sourced wood. The demand for outhouses, garden units, and camping cabins is taking a huge turn by making energy-efficient wooden structures for use. Glulam wood is the current industry standard for cabin features such as improved insulation, thermal performance, and weather resistance.

Eurodita Trusted log structure manufacturer, which is based in Lithuania. Eurodita is known as the well-established cabin market in Europe. The group which uses glulam timber to make sturdy cabins has benefited from this shift in buying sentiments in commercial and residential buildings.

The popularity of glulam log cabins

The popularity of glulam log cabins because of its functionality it offers to manufacturers like Eurodita and the end-user both immediately and over time. Also, the glue-laminated timber demand is expected to rise at a CAGR of approximately 5.5 percent from 2018 to 2023, according to This industry is expected to satisfy the need for more customizable and trendy glulam goods, considering the advancements in construction and interior design technology. Each Eurodita glulam commodity comes with a 10-year anti-rot strategy to help consumers feel more confident about the return on their glulam investments.

According to, the Engineered Wood Market is expected to expand at a CAGR of over 24% from 2016 to 2022, reaching nearly $40 billion. A European benefit can be created by the easy availability of various forms of timber in vast forestlands and the large number of timber processing industries spread through Central European countries.

Green building standards are becoming more demanding in North America and Europe, resulting in an increase in demand for better, certified wood products. As a result of their low emission levels, prefabricated glulam homes have become a popular engineered wood commodity. Where previously concrete structures were the standard, harsher fines for failing to follow environmental protection practices are fuelling demand for log homes.

Increased consumer demands

Eurodita, under the leadership of Rolanas Kutra (Executive Editor), is trying to include more alternatives for its B2B partners, ranging from trendy holiday homes and real estate annexures to customized timber playpens for children and glamping [luxury camping] pods to meet a wide range of consumer demands. Eurodita’s B2B clients love the clever architecture, which makes assembly and implementation even simpler. The business has a large network that allows bulk orders to be sent quickly to the United States, Japan, and Australia.

Eurodita prefabricated houses are more likely to outshine traditional wooden cottages/homes due to their durability. The company’s bespoke cabins have a spacious floor plan and can be custom-built to wholesale distributor requirements. Dealers are rapidly ordering glulam systems for caravanning grounds, national parks, hunting trails, group playgrounds, and a variety of other uses, indicating that Eurodita’s demand-supply environment is stable. Any of these units have been thoroughly tested to ensure that wood building risks such as shrinkage, bending, and distortion are avoided.

About Eurodita

Eurodita, a manufacturer and retailer of log cabins, garden sheds, and other log structures, was founded in 1993. The firm constructs glulam structures out of the finest FSC-certified Nordic wood. To prevent human mistakes, the whole manufacturing process is entirely computerized. Special dealership plans are available from Eurodita. Trusted log structure manufacturer, in which companies purchase items for private companies. The producer, as a B2B expert in the field, Eurodita, specializes in building trusting customer relationships in the most competitive environments.

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