Roi Master Academy Shares Life Behind the Blockchain

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Cryptocurrency has emerged as a world-changing industry, with blockchain technology promising to revolutionize how we interact and transact. The blockchain is a growing technology that offers a new form of global democracy where people can make decisions on their own, and no one person has more power than another. It’s not perfect yet, but it offers hope for the future to be more inclusive and fair. Héctor Escandell is an expert in the field who believes in this idea, so he created Roi Master Academy, Inc., an investment academy to demystify cryptocurrency. Roi Master Academy, Inc.’s mission is to educate people about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and its various applications without getting lost in a maze of jargon.

For many people, blockchain still seems like a distant concept that doesn’t impact their daily lives at all even though it could very well affect everything from education to entertainment in years to come. This unfamiliarity may explain why cryptocurrency investments are so heavily misunderstood and why many fear investing in this space. Héctor Escandell has been involved in cryptocurrency for several years now and has gained invaluable insights he shares with the RMAI community. With his team, Escandell seeks to provide accessible education about blockchain-based solutions for all interested parties.

The journey to building Roi Master Academy, Inc. began in Cuba, where the circulation of cryptocurrencies is illegal. Despite this, Escandell was eager to do something for himself, and even with the restrictions imposed by the government, he had already generated money trading with currencies outside his country. The more he learned about the industry, the more he became convinced cryptocurrency would be a vehicle for financial freedom. Inspired by other successful people in this space, Escandell decided to set up an investment academy to teach others how to generate money with trading. That’s how RMAI was born about two years ago.

Establishing a crypto-focused organization in a country with strict laws against it was not an easy task. However, Escandell’s desire to help and the great family he and his team had created motivated him to keep going despite feeling like he was walking on sand. Since RMAI’s inception, Escandell has dedicated his every waking moment to helping people achieve their financial goals and gain freedom through blockchain technology. He’s also helped countless others through donations and other social initiatives. “I prefer to give than to receive,” says Escandell. “I think that our passage through life is short and we should try to help all the people we can.”

Héctor Escandell’s desire to bring all people closer to a decentralized future didn’t stop with the establishment of RMAI. After some careful deliberations, Roi Master Academy, Inc. launched its own currency, $RMAI, into the world to advance its mission. The $RMAI currency is a token based on the BNB network on a mission to rewrite history. “This work of art is deflationary, useful, empowering, and powerful,” reports the project’s website. “The CEO waives 100% of the funds raised in the presale, and they will be added to the liquidity of the RMAI/BUSD pair.”

As the industry grows, Escandell hopes to do bigger things and impact even more lives through education and philanthropy. He also hopes to build a future blockchain that helps the world, rather than causing further damage.

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