Rocky Roberts & Friends: Echoing Timeless Narratives with Pieces of Time

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Nostalgia is a melody that resonates universally, stirring long-forgotten memories, capturing ephemeral moments in time, and touching millions of hearts worldwide. For decades, it has been a favorite theme for music artists, gifting listeners with songs that reverberate through the corridors of their pasts. Adding another exquisite thread to this timeless tapestry, is the renowned Americana visionary Rocky Roberts, whose latest EP Pieces of Time beautifully echoes this nostalgic sentiment.

On May 5th, 2023, Roberts unveiled this compelling collection of songs, borne of a musical collage that mirrors snippets from his remarkable journey as a touring guitar technician. Every note and lyric pays homage to the people he has worked with or for and the experiences that have shaped him, embodying the EP’s title in the most authentic way. The seasoned artist turned his memories into music, crafting an EP that illustrates the “pieces of time” he collected while touring with illustrious musicians such as Neil Young’s bands, Wilco, Patti Smith, CSN&Y, Paul Simon, Lucinda Williams, and My Morning Jacket.

With the release of Pieces of Time, Rocky Roberts is redefining Americana by merging it with elements of Roots, Country, and Folk Rock. His music, a captivating blend of raw emotion and genuine passion, stands as a testament to his skill and dedication. It’s no wonder as his craftsmanship has won him a circle of talented friends, forming an impressive roster of collaborators on his EP, released via Wolfe Island Records.

One such collaboration is the EP’s lead single, “Buck Moon”, a soul-stirring duet with Norah Jones, featuring Carl Broemel on guitar. This song is a tribute to the side men/women whom Roberts has had the privilege to serve. It was originally conceived as a poem for Ben Keith, an extraordinary pedal steel player who worked with Neil Young and Patsy Cline.

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The EP is also adorned with songs like, “Wild Riders,” an ebullient tribute to the nomads who drove the dayglow buses of the Hog Farm in the 60s-70s. “Party Line,” another noteworthy track, is a heartfelt homage to Roberts’s sister, penned originally in 1973. The EP’s majestic finale is, “Tomales Bay,” a song that fondly recalls Roberts’s early stage band experiences in Marin County, California.

From his time with Aces and Eights, to opening acts for iconic bands, and performances at various festivals, Roberts’ musical odyssey has been as diverse as it has been enriching. The EP is echoing the shared memories, friendships, and experiences Roberts collected over time.

One cannot help but marvel at the sheer artistry with which Roberts has crafted each track on the EP. From the infectious beats of “Wild Riders” to the poignant strains of “Party Line” and the soulful melody of “Tomales Bay,” each piece stands as an auditory artwork.

Pieces of Time is a collection of musical stories that have been lived, loved, and passed down like precious heirlooms. It is proof that music, like time, is fleeting, yet immortal—each note a fragment of the past, echoing into eternity. For Rocky Roberts, each of these pieces of time is a tale worth telling, a song worth singing. The EP is more than just a musical offering, it is a gift from Rocky Roberts to the world—a soulful narrative of his journey.

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