Rocket Tea is Revolutionizing the Tea Industry with the World’s Highest Caffeine Tea

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Tea is a popular drink around the world, but it lacks the energy “boost” some caffeine drinkers seek from a morning cup of coffee. Rocket Tea is revolutionizing both the tea and caffeinated beverage spaces with the release of its new High Caffeine Tea, just launched on Amazon at an $8 discount for a limited time. The first tea beverage of its kind, Rocket Tea contains the highest-caffeine concentration of any tea in the world, offering a superior energy boost.

Containing 200mg of caffeine per tea bag, Rocket Tea provides more caffeine than a triple shot of espresso. To balance the higher caffeine concentration, each tea bag is formulated with an additional 100mg of L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that curbs any aggressive effects of caffeine. The vast majority of highly-caffeinated products, such as coffee and caffeinated energy drinks, do not contain any L-Theanine, causing most people to associate these drinks with the feeling of being anxious, jittery, and the experience of the inevitable caffeine crash.

As the product’s name suggests, Rocket Tea’s goal is to provide customers with out-of-this-world energy while eliminating the common problems associated with highly caffeinated beverages. That’s why the team added the extra L-Theanine in every tea bag.


Rocket Tea’s supplemental L-Theanine promotes the calm and relaxing feeling associated with drinking a cup of regular tea, but with the extra boost of caffeine while eliminating the caffeine crash. L-Theanine is found naturally in tea, not coffee, and offers additional cognitive benefits, such as improved mood and focus. After months of research, the team at Rocket Tea developed what they believe to be the perfect ratio of caffeine and L-Theanine to give you the boost of energy you want without the crash, all while experiencing an alert, calm, and focused sensation.

A tea drinker himself, Willem Ossorio, Rocket Tea’s founder, spent the past few years developing a product that offers the best of both worlds: a caffeine boost without the crash or jitters.

Willem enjoys the energy coffee provides, but he doesn’t like the side effects of drinking it: the caffeine crash, anxiety, and an upset stomach. With Rocket Tea, Willem has struck the perfect balance between energy, relaxation, and an overall smooth experience.


Rocket Tea’s debut product is a passion fruit black tea blend combined with caffeine and L-Theanine to offer a better drinking experience. The passion fruit gives the drink a wonderful aroma, subduing the bitterness sometimes associated with higher caffeine content. The 200mg of caffeine provides the tea drinker with maximum energy, and the L-Theanine minimizes the sense of a caffeine crash that sometimes follows while supporting and enhancing cognitive functions. Willem explains that this product is specifically formulated for people who want a caffeine energy boost, accompanied by a smoother, calmer experience not followed by a crash.

Additionally, Willem’s goal was to formulate Rocket Tea as the highest quality, eco-friendly beverage experience. The tea is blended in the United States and the packaging is sourced here as well. To reduce waste, Rocket Tea comes in 100% biodegradable tea bags with no tags or strings. The Rocket Tea package can also be repurposed for other uses. Willem is working towards making the brand completely waste-free in the near future.

As Rocket Tea awareness grows, Willem and his team are working on new blends to offer flavors and products tea drinkers will love. The goal is to create more delicious teas and flavors and make Rocket Tea the go-to brand for functional teas. Ultimately, Rocket Tea will make people think differently about the power of tea.

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