Roblox creator Cadlem launches new game, Training Simulator

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Roblox is currently one of the most influential platforms of the metaverse. In July alone, the platform saw more than 4.7 billion hours of time spent by its 58.5 million daily average users, a statistic supported by the various games run by creators present in the platform, who are making a living by running said games.

One of these creators is Cadlem (as he calls himself online), who has recently released a new game in Roblox’s simulator genre, Training Simulator – a game that consists of lifting weights to get muscular and grow in size, allowing you to unlock new worlds with different elements that add value to your character, such as pets and lifting machines.

With the game’s release, Cadlem has been able to see a fast rise in success, with many established influencers such as Robin Hood Gamer (19.3M subscribers), Furious Jumper(4.3M subscribers) and DigitoSIM (1.72M subscribers) hopping to play and record videos on the game, which has contributed to getting Cadlem’s creation to skyrocket to the top 50 games of the platform, welcoming over 35 million visits over the course of its first month.

Cadlem believes that working as a creator in Roblox is a dream job “because you get to let your creativity out and create amazing experiences for amazing people. The possibilities of what you can put out there are literally endless”. First joining the platform as an average player, Cadlem quickly knew he wanted to own his own game: “I used to run a very successful blog about this game called Club Penguin when I was a kid, which I believe has given me the passion I so much have for project management. When I first joined Roblox, I quickly knew I wanted to recreate that success with my own game creation”.

Cadlem states that working together and having fun are the keys to success. This sentiment is especially true in the world of Roblox – as Cadlem continues to build upon his success in the industry, he shares that “it’s important to know your limitations and work with people who can fulfil them. We’re in a very powerful platform where you can easily find teammates by doing a quick research on the site’s Developer Forums”.

Cadlem also notes that he managed to increase his game development knowledge by studying and learning from other successful Roblox developers on the site, which has allowed him to construct a game that is entertaining millions of gamers for hours on end.

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