Roberto Asseily is Helping Thousands reach Financial Freedom Through Metapreneurs

Many aspire to work for themselves and fulfill their dreams but end up working for others, fulfilling goals they never set for themselves. This situation occurs when people choose to follow the traditional path to success. Financial freedom never comes from a savings account in any bank. It comes when you move outside your comfort zone, ditching the 9 to 5. Roberto Asseily did something similar to become a millionaire at 21. Currently an accomplished entrepreneur, Roberto is on a mission to help others find financial freedom with his promising NFT project.

Roberto realized the value of achieving financial freedom and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey at a young age. After finding success as an entrepreneur, Roberto wanted to turn back and lend a helping hand to other aspiring entrepreneurs struggling for financial freedom. This led him to co-found Metapreneurs, a value-adding NFT project that he currently heads as the CEO.

Metapreneurs is a collection of 11.111 unique NFTs. The owner of an NFT, a Metapreneurs, will get direct access to an elite community of thousands of successful entrepreneurs and learn life-changing lessons from them. With Metapreneurs, Roberto led the creation of the first NFT project for entrepreneurs. It is now a genuine community of more than 90K members who are successful entrepreneurs in different areas of business.

It was not easy for Roberto to start an NFT project and scale it to the top in record time. Being comparatively new in a space already dominated by experienced and knowledgeable players, Roberto had to work hard to keep up with the flow. His first step was to gain insight into the industry to develop credibility among his team, who initially underestimated him for being relatively young. Roberto proved his mettle through his success, and now he is hiring and training employees to follow in his footsteps.

Currently, Metapreneurs is managed by an enthusiastic team of 30 people, all trained by Roberto. His team comprises talented graphic artists, developers, and community managers. Balancing a hectic work schedule and personal life was challenging for Roberto, but he got his priorities straight. Between work, he manages to squeeze in time for his health and family. Roberto knew that if he wanted to help others find financial freedom, he would have to set an example through sustainable work.

Through his project Metapreneurs, Roberto has helped hundreds of people find financial freedom, and the number is only increasing each day. People from different corners of the world can benefit by engaging with his value-driven project. Besides being an NFT expert, Roberto was a panelist for the Meta (Facebook) developers circle, part of the Web3.0 series at the Beirut Digital District (BDD). He was also a guest speaker at IE University and the American University of Beirut (AUB).

Even after achieving his financial goals, Roberto has not stopped learning new things. This is why he wants people to join Metapreneurs to enhance their knowledge of entrepreneurship and also be a means to achieve financial freedom.

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