Rising Star Eddie G Doesn’t Take No for an Answer

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If there’s anything that today’s powerhouses can attest to, it’s that success isn’t exclusive to those born within the industry; it’s just for those who were born with it. People from all walks of life, including go-getters with nothing but a clear-cut dream they want to translate into reality, have reached incredible heights. Eddie G., a rising actor and one of the faces in North America’s #1 hit medical drama Transplant, is among the must-watch figures in the media and entertainment scene whose growing prominence is a clear showcase of the power of perseverance and passion. As one who has been aiming for the stars, the highly inspirational celebrity hopes to make a more significant mark in the years to come.

Originally hailing from a small conservative city, Eddie G. struggled with the lack of opportunities that his hometown offered. Despite the challenges inherent in trying to grow in one such barren land, the highly driven actor barreled through the barriers that hindered him from materializing his dreams. Right now, he is living proof that people can see their fantasies come to fruition as long as they go all out.

Along with dealing with a few unforgettable near-death experiences that made him all the more resilient, Eddie G. had to overcome the thought of his daughter’s death. “The idea of losing my daughter before she was born really made me want to give it all up,” he said. “But she pulled through, and so did I. I promised myself that she would witness me reach the level I have always set for myself.”

Having surpassed all those odds and coming out stronger on the other end, Eddie G. is currently cementing his standing in the entertainment world. Known for his versatility, he has impressed industry peers and viewers alike with his arsenal of skills, including scriptwriting and voicework. Additionally, he has demonstrated that he has more aces up his sleeves by writing and releasing music using the alias Erupt and emerging as the co-founder of Creative Psychopaths.

So far, Eddie G., who is now represented by the Toronto-based agency, The Characters, has graced several shows and appeared on numerous platforms. On top of being a recurring character in the award-winning drama series Transplant, he also has had the chance to work with Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Armed with big plans, Eddie G. shows no sign of slowing down. He will soon appear in the upcoming spy series Rabbit Hole alongside 24’s Keifer Sutherland, Game of Thrones’s Charles Dance, and Hunger Games’ Meta Golding. “That’s an accomplishment to me, and I have got more to do,” he excitedly shared. “I grew up watching Keifer in some of my favorite films growing up like A Time to Kill and Phone Booth.

In the future, nothing short of fiery passion and burning determination can be expected from Eddie G. As he inches close toward his goals, he is also aiming to maneuver others in the right direction. When asked what he wants to emphasize above anything else, he readily answered, “Don’t follow your dream. Be your dream. Do your Googles. Plan it. Schedule it. Get it done like your life is ending tomorrow because it just might. No plan B. No excuses. Take the steps, do not skip any and enjoy the journey to get to that next level.”

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