Rising Artists and Influencers to Recognize

2022 is a year packed with some of the most talented artists and influencers the entertainment industry has ever seen. Presented below, in alphabetical order, are some of the hottest artists and top influencers from around the world, along with their latest releases. These are songs you definitely want to add to your playlist!

38 Goblin – 38 Goblin, CEO of Buck Town Entertainment, is a hip hop artist from Louisiana. He’s one of the most inspiring independent artists from the south. 38 Goblin is here for the throne. After his manager Rookie2x passed away he decided to strike back at the ones he had trusted. He stated, “it feels like the world is on my shoulders”. That left 38 Goblin with one solution: it’s time for him to jump in the booth. His new single “No Vaseline” features several artists from Africa and speaks about the struggle of wanting and trying to make a change. 38 Goblin stated “shout out to Per Pull and also I give a thanks to my manager Anthony CEO of Trillest Ent, got to keep trust in god he will guide you the right direction”. IG: @38Goblin

Azazel The Marine – Born in Trinidad but raised in New York “Azazel The Marine” is a lyricist who has served the U.S. as a former Marine. Passion for art and music keeps him consistently creating and developing new ideas daily. The content he creates is raw and unapologetic. He embraced music as an outlet after serving in the U.S. Marine Corp. His songwriting ability and flawless flow displays his confidence in the most effortless way. Azazel has not only been grinding within the music industry, but also has been featured in a Netflix film. His musical ability is versatile and is gaining him a new take on life outside of the military. Azazel has experienced combat multiple times during his career in the marines. Music and art is his therapy. When curating he thinks of his brothers in arms that have fallen. He prides himself on lyricism, originality and spreading a message about perseverance. IG: @AzazelTheMarine

Broderick Perkins – Broderick Perkins is an alternative hip-hop artist and producer from Dallas, Texas. He blends genres of R&B, Soul, Pop, Funk, and more; all centered in his faith. He is heavily influenced by Outkast, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Allen Stone, Leon Bridges, Anthony Hamilton, J. Cole, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Pharell Williams, & many more! Growing up with a music family, he recognized his God given gift of producing for himself and others by collaborating with local musicians and artists. He seeks to bring real musicianship, originality, and uniqueness to the genre of hip-hop. IG: @BroderickPerk

Byrd StayLow – Byrd and Millyz link up to create an anthem. The love and respect they had for you when you ballin is far from the love you get when you broke. This catchy melodic banger is filled with bars and quotable lyrics, a perfect joint to vibe to all summer. IG: @ByrdStaylow

Cadillac Muzik – CaddyMack Moses of the psychedelic/funk alternative hip hop collective Cadillac Muzik drops another psychedelic soulful record titled “SpaceCowboy” ft. multi-platinum producer Moonshyne Brown. The record is funky, positive, and fun with a very hip hop funk rock vibe. CaddyMack Moses explains that this record like many of the other Cadillac Muzik projects was inspired by his uncle Jimmy Sampson, who was a member of the internationally known Ohio Players. One of the most dynamic and influential funk bands of our time. The collective sees themselves as modern-day leaders of new age soul. Blazing a trail for new independent funk & soul music creatives to be recognized, they like to call themselves “Playa Innovators” and prefer their style of music to be known as “Cadillac Muzik” IG: @CadillacMuzik

Cam Dolla – Cam Dolla has a few words for people who pray for his downfall, “It’s Whatever”. The rising artist reminds us of the old Gucci Mane in 2006, but with his own unique style and flow that shows why he is one of the top artists to watch this year. Cam Dolla is one of the most promising and diverse upcoming artists out of Georgia who continues to drop nothing but hits. Get familiar with him now because he’s taking over the rap game! IG: @camdolla_

Chyng Diamond – “Guess What” is an elevated, empowering anthem that not only has a message but stays authentic to Chyng’s sound and roots. After being reposted and followed by Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, and Lizzo, Chyng is primed to take on the next stage of her career. Self-proclaimed queen of Omaha, NE, Nenzingha Davis, better known as Chyng Diamond, is a 25-year-old rapper who has already lived a lifetime of experiences and is ready to share her lessons learned with those who are willing to hear it. IG: @ChyngDiamond

Dnorri – Dnorri is a rising artist out of North Carolina. He climbed to the top independently during the pandemic quickly becoming one of the most recognized names in the music industry, turning listeners into fans around with hit singles “Everybody”, “King”, and “My Birthday”, an anthem giving thousands of personalized birthday shout-outs on social media around the world. Dnorri’s Single “My Birthday” landed on iTunes charts with some of the biggest artists in the music industry. He just released a new single “Keep On”, an upbeat tempo house, techno pop type vibe dance song, which encourages everybody to keep dancing, love more, and to keep moving forward. He has the talent to write and create songs that can make you dance, happy, motivated, and inspired, which is something we need more of when dealing with hard times in the world. Dnorri most definitely is on the right track to becoming a superstar. IG: @DNorri4Real

Lafayette Taylor – Serial entrepreneur and award winning businessman Lafayette Taylor, is the future of tomorrow. With his award winning Houston studio One Soundvibe Studios, he has opened 1 Soundvibe Connections, a creative business hub that brings unity for women and men in business, specifically, but not exclusively, within the black community. Taylor’s mission is not only to bring more awareness to its headquarters in Houston; he has also created a platform that can be accessed by creatives nationwide. Taylor developed an online, multicultural social media platform, a hub that fosters a community for creatives and business professionals to work together on projects with little to no money to accomplish goals together. IG: @LafayetteTaylor_

Ha$e – Meet Atlanta’s next big rap star, Ha$e. Atlanta is known for producing some of the hottest rap acts in the game including Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Future, opening the lane for newcomer Ha$e. He released his debut album titled Sealab Radio, just in time for the summer.  As he is the first ever signee to independent label 93 Supreme under the direction of Frankie Smalls, he is what Baby Keem is to PgLang. A force to be reckoned with lyrically and sonically, Ha$e is looking forward to joining the ranks of the best to ever touch the mic. IG: @HaseMoney

Iamyungp – Iamyungp is an artist to watch this year. The talented artist is back with more heat! Make sure you check out his new hit single titled “Slow Down” off his EP “Still Workin 3 The Series”. This is one of the hottest songs of the Summer! IG: @Iamyungp

Jay Shephard – Jay Shephard is an award winning recording artist born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. His influences include Bob Marley, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jackson, and Gentleman. Jay has always sought to mirror his own artistry to the legacy such legends left behind! Surviving a traumatic life altering experience, Jay’s entire course of existence shifted dramatically. Having survived a fatal near-death shot to the face, Jay uses his experience to express the importance of celebrating life daily, while spreading his message through music. Jay’s anthem-like chorus is memorable so that listeners can easily join in and sing along. From the depths of the powerful percussions to the heights of the bass-influenced dancehall beats, this banger is best enjoyed anywhere music can be heard. IG: @JayShephardMusic

Love Keyyz – Love Keyyz makes use of her emotive, intricate harmonies and unreal vocal range to illustrate a beautiful love story that ends up being more of a tragedy. “I Could Be Dreaming” is a musical memoir based on Love Keyyz’s recent relationship. The contrast between the records make “I Could Be Dreaming” feel like a double album. “It’s sort of a Side A/Side B project. Heaven and hell, so to speak,” Love Keyyz states. “I Could Be Dreaming” begins with songs about what real love feels like – that true, strong, seemingly unbreakable love. But, then [the album] descends into the pain that derived from the relationship, and later ends with her healing process and growth. Love Keyyz states: “Love comes with a risk. We don’t always get our fairytale, and that’s okay. But, love is so amazing. Love is why life is worth living.” IG: @LoveKeyyz

N.e.r.d. life by D’Vo – N.e.r.d. life by D’Vo is an alternative hip-hop and soul artist from Houston, TX. He is the voice of global rhythm and owner of the independent label, Element 11. Since the beginning of his music career, he’s released 35+ songs, most of which are a part of the Christian hip-hop series, The Codex. The series will be a culmination of eleven studio albums, with 3 already released. D’Vo is a different breed of artistry as he chooses to remain anonymous while giving listeners a creative experience of hip-hop fused experimentally with southern soul and sometimes jazz. Check out his new single “What’s The Meaning”. IG: @NerdLifeByDvo

Otto – Earnestness is a quality we often lose touch with as we grow up. For Otto, earnestness is a defining characteristic. With the release of their debut EP “Still Picture You,” Otto aims to capture the candid thoughts and feelings of someone falling in and then out of love – a young soul navigating the changes that accompany that journey. With energetic, 80’s inspired instrumentals and candid lyricism, Otto captures the nostalgic essence of the John Hughes era with a modern, alternative twist. IG: @SoundsLikeOtto

PB Mogul – In today’s hip hop scene true emcees are few and far between, and becoming harder to come by. Welcome, PB Mogul. An upcoming rapper, from Utica, NY, with the raw talent and skill set to shift the culture. A conceptual rapper illustrating stories of his hometown PB Mogul is a standout who excels in authenticity, lyricism, and versatility. With his superstar potential and proven work ethic, PB Mogul is one to watch. IG: @PBMogul

Q Dot Davis – Q Dot Davis continues to be a force to be reckoned with out of the south. Hailing from Birmingham, Al. It is known he is the man to call up if you need to boost your career fast and efficiently! On top of that, pumping out catchy hit songs like “Drip”, “No Hook 2” and “James Spann” with collaborator JaxXxon, Q Dot shows no signs of slowing down. IG: @QDotDavis1

Remy Prosper – Hailing from the coasts of Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA, music producer Remy Prosper just released his debut EP “Supernova”. The futuristic project features an eclectic blend of five unique instrumental tracks well-suited for a late night club atmosphere. With standout singles like “U Don’t Know” and his title track “Supernova”, Remy’s versatility shines as he delivers a seamless blend of progressive house beats guaranteed for wide appeal. Innovative and dynamic chord progressions combined with ambient synths, “Supernova” achieves its goal of creating an explosive new sound in the world of dance. IG: @RemyProsper

Rockstar Major – DC’s very own Rockstar Major continues to show the world his greatness. Embodying the rawness and style of Southwest, the artist has a look and sound that neither the streets nor masses can deny. After spending eight years in prison, Malik quickly learned the life he once led was no longer a viable option for him. This was when Rockstar Major was born. Rockstar Major has songs with Erica Banks, Bow Wow, Q Da Fool, 10Keyz and many others. With a lifetime of stories to tell about the ups and downs of life, Rockstar Major plans to keep his foot on the gas and his music in speakers everywhere. IG: @RockStarMajorOfficial

Sean Delaney – Sean Delaney is a driven, passionate and charismatic New York based artist and entrepreneur with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. As a song-writer, Sean knows the importance of details and how much they enable artists to reach their vision. His sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and an inspired, personal flow. IG: @seandelaneyofficial

Sirr Jones – Sirr Jones is a rising recording artist debuting at top 5 in the country with his new single “Not My Fault”. The talented artist has been on a roll, climbing charts, while his new album “Legacy” is set to release September 9th 2022. Sirr Jones grasped the attention of BET and MTV Jamz, with his new release airing on television worldwide. Keep a close watch on this artist as he plans to complete a few more projects before his album debut. IG: @SirrJones909

Sparky Flinstone – There’s a new masked man in town but he’s not a marvel character or a criminal. He is the co-founding leader of the LBYF (Lemme Be Your Freak) movement. His name is Sparky Flinstone and he is a new artist with a unique offering called “Freak Key”. Freak Key is a song that is inspired by a real product of the same name invented by Einstein. Jersey Shore Einstein is a scientist and one of Sparky’s closest friends. Einstein watched Sparky suffer in silence for years going from one bad relationship to another. Sick and tired of seeing his good buddy suffer, Einstein invented the Freak Key to help Sparky stop being a simp and start being a pimp and it worked! Look out for his NFT drop coming soon. IG: @SparkyFlinstone

Swxm – A captivating look, effortless sound, and a fearless multi-dimensional range of talent, Queens native, Swxm is proving himself as a force and cultural influence worth paying attention to in his new single and visualizer titled “Swim.” Produced by Die Rich Beats and directed by dpoftheyear, “Swim” has poised itself as a track with the potential to climb to mainstream success. The hit single features Grammy-nominated artist, Quavo, of the legendary rap group, The Migos. Swxm says, “The Quavo feature wasn’t planned at all, That was a result of just being ready at the right time. The whole situation could easily have never happened if I never went for it and just made the song”. Make sure you check out “Swim” now! IG: @swxm.swxm

Sydmusiq – Sydmusiq’s new single “Don’t Change” has the industry buzzing! The idea of “Don’t Change” was inspired by a bunch of messages I received after my album dropped. “Don’t Change” was pretty much me in a mood, once I kind of figured out what I needed to do. I feel like no matter what part of life you are in or what you are pursuing, you will always have people saying you can’t do it, regardless of what you are trying to accomplish. I think this song captures just that and reminds people to block out those voices around you. IG: @SydMusiq

T.Jones – T.Jones is a rising artist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He says, “dreams don’t come true in my city until ya get hated on or till somebody kill you”. Through perseverance and discipline to his music, he shares with you his beautiful life. My experiences and the highlights of my musical journey to the tragic happenings that surround me. Walk with me while we run the streets of New Orleans as I take you through, “My Life Through Penmanship”. IG: @T.Jones504

UnLearn The World UnLearn The World is shifting the definition of “for the culture” as an artist, producer and hip hop educator. Having shared stages with hip hop greats from the likes of Rakim, KRS One, Wu Tang, Griselda and Jay Electronica, UnLearn has also been sharing tracks with some of hip hop’s true lyricists. After the critical acclaim from his latest album “Crowns” which features tracks with Donda producers as well himself, he’s now dropping “The Luxury Edition” of the album, with 7 more songs, featuring some underground greats and multi-platinum production. As a “true school” hip hop figure, he’s also the education director and head of artist development at the non profit, Hip Hop For Change, Inc. IG: @UnlearnTheWorld

Zeal Static – Born and raised in the islands of Fiji, currently hailing from Australia, Zeal Static gifts us with his new hit single titled “Different Ways”, which comprises Drill and Trap elements. This track shows the articulate and poetic prowess of Zeal Static and conveys his ambitious come up and hustle. This is definitely Zeal Static’s year! IG: @RealZealStatic

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