Rising Antiperspirant Deodorant, RISE™, Captures the Younger Market

Some brands have difficulty capturing the interest of the younger target market. In contrast, some have the unique ability to specifically identify what they respond to, from their preferred clothing to food, drinks, and even personal hygiene products such as antiperspirant deodorants. So when RISE™ identified Millennials and Generation Z as its target market, it did not only study the market behavior but also ensured that it had a reliable and high-quality product that people could be proud of.

RISE™ is a powerful, natural deodorant that eliminates underarm odor without using aluminum and harsh chemicals found in many antiperspirant deodorants on the market today. It uses a propriety formula backed by science. Carefully formulated by chemists, it combines the most effective and safest ingredients to develop a brand that will inspire change.

The Rise™ deodorants have a pleasing scent that tickles the senses. It does not have harmful chemicals and parabens but is naturally powerful enough to eliminate unwanted body odor. Users feel fresh all day long, allowing them to do the things they need to do confidently without worrying about sweating in the wrong places.

The award-winning creator of Vitasave®, Ali Assadkhan, is the creator behind the success of RISE™. Ali is best known for his unmatched commitment to building healthier communities by creating products that revolutionize what the present generation is used to using. Today, Vitasave® is Canada’s biggest and fastest-growing commerce retailer in the Natural Health Product industry. Its success paved the way for the creation of RISE™, which is expected to make waves in the deodorant industry.

The brand exemplifies the admirable traits of individuals who are leaders by nature and unperturbed to go against the grain and take a stand for themselves and what they believe in. Even when they stand alone, the RISE™ user remains steadfast and determined to get things done. Mostly, the RISE™ users understand the importance of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle for a better quality of life. RISE’s aluminum-free, powerful deodorant can be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, or anyone looking to optimize their body’s performance by reducing the body burden of aluminum.

Ali believes in a strong set of values in order to succeed in life. To him, maintaining the quality of his products will continue to draw people in. Before developing RISE™, he was motivated to meet a pressing need that most people tend to overlook. “Lack of quality, honesty, and transparency in the marketplace for cosmetics is what motivated me to start RISE™. RISE™ allows us to connect with more people and oversee the entire customer experience from beginning to end, allowing us to provide transparent information and the highest quality product with no compromises,” Ali explained.

By launching RISE™, Ali wants to promote a brand that inspires people to believe and support a movement that is ultimately designed to encourage people to be intentional in living healthy lives. By joining the #risedetox movement, users will start to eliminate aluminum from their daily morning routine.

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