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The 21st-century internet is omnipresent and omniscient. It is hard to imagine a time before the World Wide Web was a part of everyday lives. People who work in the IT industry get increasingly crucial with each passing day, as a consequence. Rishab Bhatt, a software and web developer from Toronto, Canada, and the founder of Simple.Savr, is one of the brains that are making IT much more accessible and easy for users.

Bhatt’s long fascination with computers and computing led to the making of the website Simple.Savr, a text and file-sharing website. It has millions of users, with nearly 60 thousand users on average per month. Through the website, operating on the same network, one can share text and files without any new software installation. The files thus uploaded are instantly available on the laptop. Complete encryption is the key benefit here, and the data is also secure against all threats. “The tech industry in Canada is gearing up to show its true colors. Companies in the US are targeting Canada for engineering jobs now. So, for programmers, there couldn’t be a better time,” says Bhatt. He utilized the skills he learned from Coinsavr, Inc. while working there as a way to build his website and manage his own business.

Bhatt believes that there are many opportunities for Simple.Savr that can be pursued. “Currently, we are working on a new version of the website. Coincidently, it will be the most significant change that we are going to add to the website since we gave it the last major update in 2017,” says Bhatt. Furthermore, Bhatt’s firm is looking hard into the prospect of “giving it back” to the users who stood by him and made his website an overnight success. Bhatt promises that 40% of the revenue obtained through targeted ads will be utilized and donated to provide drinking water to children across the globe.

Through his efforts, Rishab Bhatt has been able to raise awareness about the global water crisis. He is also a strong voice for the progress of the Canadian IT sector. With the next upgrades coming to Simple.Savr, Bhatt is all set to raise the bar in the game and strengthen his reputation in the market.


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