Rich Feola and Solar Exclusive Provide Stellar Digital Marketing to the Nation’s Best Solar Companies

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Rich Feola and  Solar Exclusive are truly taking the world by storm in an industry that’s as good for your pocket as it is for the planet: solar power.

If you know how the sale of solar power works across the country, you’ll know that the base of it is digital marketing campaigns, exclusive lead generation, follow-up and service for consumers looking to buy (or upgrade) their solar power.

For smaller regional solar power firms across the country, the scope of digital marketing necessary to generate these warm leads is tech-heavy and labor-intensive. That means that most companies try to do it themselves, fail, get frustrated, and end up hiring a company that claims to do what Solar Exclusive does.

“If someone tried to generate leads on their own or hired another company, the results will not compare whatsoever,” said Feola.

Solar Exclusive delivers leads to two main types of clients: solar sales organizations (these include solar partnerships, sales companies, and independent operators) and solar installation firms.

Among the reasons that Solar Exclusive has become an industry favorite are the excellent and exclusive leads, but also the fact that most of the staff used to do door-to-door or phone-led solar sales themselves. This makes them uniquely suited to understanding every facet of the industry and how solar is sold.

Feola is very proud that he cut his teeth as a door-to-door salesman in his early days. He still uses much of what he learned in those early sales calls today.

Buyer Beware

Hopefully, they hire a reputable one since many promise the sun, moon, and stars. They swear up and down that the leads they are selling your company are legit, warm, and, most importantly, exclusive, meaning these warm leads have not yet been contacted about buying solar power.

However, once you get this fabled list in your hands and dial the first number, you quickly realize you’ve been had. The person on the other end of the line already has solar power, doesn’t want it, or has even moved away. You’ve been had, and that ‘solar digital marketing’ firm that promised you the world has likely changed its story to ‘results may vary.’

It’s an expensive lesson that many solar company owners had to learn the hard way — and then they find Solar Exclusive, Feola’s eight-figure-making marketing firm with a reputation for truly exclusive leads. Their client list includes the most respected names in the solar energy business, and they even go so far as to create pre-set appointments with warm leads.

Solving a Pain Point

As a solar industry veteran, Feola knew that poor leads were one of the biggest problems for owners and salespeople, so he set off to solve that pain point by masterminding a way to generate truly exclusive leads.

“Everything we do is in an exclusive nature. It’s very common for solar lead companies to resell leads — the leads get repeated, and they get called by multiple solar companies, making companies have to drive their prices far too low because there are too many people competing, but not us,” said Feola.

Feola grew his business — and used the untold amounts of industry data he collected as a leverage point to get access to a dedicated Google and YouTube executive team, stationed in San Francisco, CA.

Today, Solar Exclusive’s leads are generated mostly by YouTube and Google ads, and Feola has an exclusive team to work with at Google’s San Francisco campus. This means that Feola has truly delivered on being able to tap into lesser-known marketing tools not easily accessed by the public.

“Our clients then get more sales at a lower cost, and more deals for lower advertisement costs. A lot of times companies will hire an in-house marketing firm and then test them against us. They always end up laying off the other marketing team, because the results aren’t even comparable,” said Feola.

Taking a cue from Feola’s enterprising spirit and drive to solve one of his industry’s biggest problems, we can each make small steps to create positive change in our own industries.

About Rich Feola and Solar Exclusive

Rich Feola is the Founder of Solar Exclusive, an 8-figure marketing company that generates unique, qualified leads and appointments for solar companies across the nation. Solar Exclusive has been featured in Digital Journal, Yahoo Finance, NBC and FOX among other publications. Want to skyrocket the success of your solar business with top-notch leads? Visit this link to book a strategy call:

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