Rich Fayden Partners with Thomas Barsoe of OC Hit to Deliver Success among Aspiring Artists Worldwide

The music industry is widely known by aspiring artists for being quite brutal, competitive, and sometimes spirit-shattering, but there are exceptional individuals such as Rich Fayden who take it upon themselves to transcend limitations and push boundaries in order to propel hopefuls toward the summits of success. These personalities have dedicated their lives to their crafts, materializing their vision of driving change in the careers of many aspiring musicians worldwide. Although it is not easy to maneuver artists in this dog-eat-dog world, Rich Fayden aggressively continues pursuing his endeavor by recently partnering with Multi Platinum Producer Thomas Barsoe, the esteemed founder and owner of OC Hit.

Since 2003, Rich Fayden has been widely recognized as one of the most prolific consultants across the music industry. His incredible track record has earned acclaim among countless highly accomplished personalities, powerhouses, and peers, cementing a stellar reputation across the trade. By continuing to push the boundaries of the realms of music and entertainment, this power player is taking the industry by storm.

Hailing from the city that never sleeps, New York City is home to one of the most brilliant minds in the music industry to date. An emerging household name, Rich Fayden has graced the scene with his passion and determination, coupled with a persevering spirit to lead aspirants toward the pinnacles of greatness. As a matter of fact, the list of artists that he has discovered over the years is quite long, from Shawn Mendes and Halsey to Conan Gray and Alessia Cara. Indeed, Rich is more than what meets the eye.

“If I felt they had something really special, I contacted them, then went about sending their links and pitching them to music industry executives that I felt might be interested in their music. I was never looking to gain any fame for it—I just did what I could to help get these artists a fair chance to be heard.”

Being an artist and performer himself, Rich Fayden is intimately privy to the many insurmountable obstacles that new artists must face in order to navigate through a highly cutthroat industry. On a mission to carve success-enabling paths for these potential powerhouses, Rich teams up with Multi Platinum Producer Thomas Barsoe, the owner of OC Hit.

“I am delighted to have Rich Fayden on board as our senior A&R and Head of Radio Promotions,” shared Barsoe. “Rich brings a unique skill into the table, allowing our incredible roster of artists to take their music careers to another level.”

“Knowing Thomas for many years and seeing what an incredible atmosphere he has brought to the music industry, it was made clear to me that we needed to come together to create more buzz across the trade,” Rich Fayden said.

Both Rich Fayden and Thomas Barsoe have spent years perfecting their crafts, enabling artists to distinguish themselves apart from their competitors and rise above. By continuing to defy odds, this power duo will soon stand at the forefront of a highly competitive industry, consistently delivering success and leading aspiring artists to the pinnacles of greatness in the years to come.

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