A 22-Year-old E-commerce entrepreneur who has been selling on Amazon since 2017, Robert Del Grande comes from a small town called Montvale in New Jersey. He always wanted more out of life; his competitive mindset, combined with his addictive work ethic, has molded him into one of the youngest elite business-minded entrepreneurs this next generation of business owners has to offer. Del Grande has a few projects going on right now that have caught the eye of many older veteran entrepreneurs in the tech and marketing space.

Del Grande is the Founder and CEO of AmazonAutomation.com that helps individuals own an e-commerce store without worrying about the day-to-day hurdles that come with running a business. Guided by his leadership, his team does all the work needed on behalf of their clients; yes, you read that right. The client’s only responsibility is to open an LLC and invest in funding the sales that Robert and his team generate on the business. This seamless and no-brainer process is for anyone that wants to own an e-commerce store without having to go through the trial and errors that come with doing this yourself. AmazonAutomation.com has helped to establish Robert as an expert in the online business space. He has developed and mastered a streamlined system to allow individuals to successfully sell on Amazon’s platform and consistently make income when doing so. Del Grande and his team do not offer a course or a mentorship; they get their feet wet by taking responsibility for finding products to sell, sourcing, handling new open orders, repricing products, handling bookkeeping, and managing customer service. They are a one-stop shop for anyone looking to begin selling on Amazon.

Del Grande notes, “People would rather partner with professionals than going through the headache of figure it out themselves.” During Covid-19, client sales had a 400% increase in sales, and with people becoming more dependent on e-commerce, we only see the e-commerce space is beginning to flourish more.

Del Grande has a few other projects he is also currently working on and leading. Walmart recently began offering third-party fulfillment through its online platform. Immediately, Del Grande saw an opportunity to help third-party sellers on Walmart’s rapidly expanding open marketplace and decided to create DFYWalmart.com. The concept for this business venture is the same as his Amazon Automation business. Del Grande notes, “Walmart e-commerce is like Amazon in 2015, it’s a great way for new sellers to sell, and the markets are open. If you are looking to get started in e-commerce with low competition – Walmart is the platform for you.” After months of training and systemizing business management, Del Grande feels comfortable rolling out the Walmart offer to clients.

Del Grande is launching another Amazon-based business called Crescita.io; the company is an acquisition-based business where the entrepreneur plans to give cash offers to buy out already existing and established Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) brands. Del Grande has dialed in a system where he can take over a brand as long as it meets his qualifications and 2x business revenue and profits within a 6-month time window of taking over each brand. The goal is to get about 100 brands under his umbrella company within the next 2-3 years. Del Grande stated that “This will take an army, but all systems and processes with work together in perfect harmony when set up correctly.” Del Grande is expecting to have his first few brands under management within the next two months. After providing proof of concept, the business is looking to take on debt partners to help fund the acquisitions. Del Grande envisions taking brands globally on Amazon and taking advantage of the current 15+ marketplaces Amazon now offers their sellers. With demand on the rise and business owners looking to cash out, the Crescita.io team is confident in their business model and knows what needs to be done to execute this massive project.

Being able to choreograph an operation like Del Grande is building now at his age is exceptionally uncommon, and he is a motivation to many young entrepreneurs. He has this burning fire of a drive with many eyes on him as he prepares to scale up and dive deep into this next chapter of his career. Del Grande wants to let people know that “Nowadays people are not thinking big enough. You have to set the bar high and build a team that sees your vision. Trust the process and cut ties when needed. Wake up every morning as a new day and do not let the problems from yesterday affect today’s vision.”

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