Cake from Proof Bakery
Cake from Proof Bakery

Your Post-Presidential Election Food Guide: If Your Candidate Won

First, take a moment to sigh with relief. No, laugh. Because if there was ever a time to hoot and cheer as if you and your friends just narrowly averted death by trash compactor in the basement of the Death Star, this would be it. Maybe it wasn't as close as the pollsters predicted it would be, but that's of no consequence now. What's important is that your year-long anxiety attack is over. And now that your stomach is no longer tied up in knots, you must be hungry.

So, What Would Yoda Do? Make a big bowl of soup. Or, since you are not alone on your own planet, maybe you should be with people -- no, not on Twitter, not on Facebook, not on Instagram, but I.R.L. Because it'd be nice to be physically present to really, truly share this moment with similarly relieved friends. A family-style restaurant it is.

Take over a table at Newport Tan Cang Seafood for lobster, or join a communal table at The Tasting Kitchen. (Tonight's a night when you probably don't mind basking in the glow of the person uncomfortably close to you. So long as they voted the same way you did, anyway.) For dessert, a slice of some good ol' fashioned American pie, maybe from Philippe's, as tribute to your continued, or restored, faith in the American people. Order generously and share everything with everyone. Whatever you do, eat. And may be the force be with you. Always.

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