surfing at Venice beach
surfing at Venice beach

Web Surfing: A Roundup of Posts from LA Food Blogs

-- Eddie Lin takes a few little princesses to eat frogs legs. [Deep End Dining]

-- NakedSushi visits Yunnan 168 in the San Gabriel Valley. [NakedSushi]

-- Bacon & egg martinis at the Allston Yacht Club. [Eating L.A.]

-- The LA Times test kitchen has been opening up their recipe vault: Top 12 recipes from 1985. [Daily Dish]

-- A Q & A with Adolfo Suayo (The Surly Goat, Osaka). [Eater LA]

-- Mattatouille interviews himself, so we don't have to (yet). [Mattatouille]

-- A happy lunch at the new Bastide. [Sinosoul]

-- Tailgating, Greek style. [Teenage Glutster]

-- Josh Lurie checks out Ma Po Dak Gal Bi. [Food GPS]

-- The joys of taco trucks: Tacos El Sabrosito in Eagle Rock. [Daily Taco]

surfing at Venice beachEXPAND
surfing at Venice beach


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