Wasting Away Again in Margarito-ville: Winchell's Donuts & Boxing

The strangest thing that happened in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday night wasn't the flurry of Manny Pacquaio's six-punch combos. Or the way the Philippine powerhouse turned Antonio Margarito's face into a sack of swollen hamburger meat. That was predictable.

It was Jesus Soto-Karass, who jogged into the arena for an undercard fight wearing yellow-and-black trunks emblazoned with the Winchell's Donuts logo. I know they call boxing the sweet science. Now, I know why.

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Sports fans ought to be used to athletes emblazoned with logos for all sorts of products they obviously don't consume, but the juxtaposition of donuts and boxing somehow seemed more surreal.

On another level, it made perfect sense. Next to his muscular opponent, Soto-Karass, with his pale, undefined physique, looked like he might have just finished a shift at Winchell's before stumbling into the ring.

Soto-Karass met his destiny and eventually fell to Mike Jones (though he held up better than the majority decision implies). Hopefully, he can comfort himself with a lifetime supply of free crullers.


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