Sandwiches at last year's event
Sandwiches at last year's event

"VIP" Brunch at Pier Del Sol this Sunday

Regular tickets to this Sunday's Pier del Sol in Santa Monica cost $45. However, VIP tickets run a cool $150. As we always ask ourselves in these situations, what are the VIPs getting that the regular folks aren't?

Beyond unlimited rides, two fistfuls of game tickets, and the opportunity to lend a little more financial support to Special Olympics athletes from Southern California, VIPs will be full --very full after a trip through the VIPs-only brunch buffet featuring contributions by over 30 area restaurants -- from Church & State, to Providence, to Water Grill. For better or for (potentially much) worse, the theme is "Hawaiian," which means, if you attend, you'll be encouraged to don a garish shirt and stumble around red-faced and sweaty like a mainlander on holiday.

Pier del Sol; Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park in Santa Monica; Sunday, October 10th, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; Buy VIP tickets here; get regular ones at "the door" on Sunday.

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