Urban Radish: New Market in the Downtown Arts District Opens in 2013

The east side of downtown L.A. is getting a new marketplace early next year called Urban Radish. The market will be located in the 8,200-square-foot metal shed with the giant chipmunk mural on it, located across from the Toy Factory Lofts.

Press materials say the marketplace will be focused on fresh, sustainable produce, and will also sell cheeses, deli items and locally baked breads. It will have its own parking lot with "one of the largest electric car charging stations in California."

From the press release:

The market is being designed around the unique lifestyle of city dwellers whose shopping preferences have shifted from shopping major grocery chains to wanting a more personal experience, farmers market freshness, and a high quality-to-value priced offering.

Owners Keri Aivazis and Carolyn Paxton are strong advocates of the farm-to-fork movement, whose mission is to provide an offering of the best produce, based on the belief that fruits and vegetables are more flavorful and healthful when left to ripen on the vine versus large, sunless distribution systems.

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