Umami Burger Pasadena Now Open
Courtesy Umami Burger

Umami Burger Pasadena Now Open

Umami Burger's Pasadena location opened yesterday, making it the 14th location of the chain -- if you count Umamicatessen. The original opening date had been slated for Oct. 17, but it seems that the restaurant took a little longer than expected to come together.

The menu at the new location looks similar to other locations, with no specialty items that appear to be different. The space, however, is far more minimalist than many other Umami outposts, with sleek black and white walls and furnishings.

Speaking of Umami Burger, they got a shout out two Saturdays ago on Saturday Night Live, in "The Californians" sketch that imagines all Angelenos as twitty blond traffic-obsessed soap opera fodder. Check out the clip below.

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