These are not the fries in question
These are not the fries in question

UCLA Basketball Players Contract Food Poisoning from Westwood Chili Fries

If you thought this season's UCLA men's basketball team needed more obstacles to overcome (remember the Kansas game?), you're in luck. The Los Angeles Times reports that, after beating Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 72-61 on Saturday night, UCLA freshmen Tyler Lamb and Anthony Stover went out to celebrate in Westwood. Their indulgence of choice came in the form of late-night chicken chili cheese fries, which went on to give them a nasty case of food poisoning. Lamb is said to have vomited in his dorm room, then again at practice.

If healthy, UCLA coach Ben Howland would like to play both men in their next game, tonight, against UC Davis. But what was the source of these illness-inducing chicken chili cheese fries? "I won't name the establishment," Howland told the Times via teleconference, "but we'd like to cut that establishment out during the season."

Bad news for our mysterious Westwood fry shop. Its true identity? Well, dear readers, we're guessing you've got a few ideas.


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