A German boar
A German boar

There Once Was a Boar That Ate Itself...

We'd like to read a Brothers Grimm tale about the hapless, hungry boar who tried to steal sausage from the German sausage-maker.

According to a Metro UK piece, last week, a 200-pound wild pig charged through the door and careened across the counter of a popular butcher shop in Hohr-Grenzhausen. The ferocious boar snapped up whatever grub he could get his mouth around, in the process, most likely devouring a few products composed of various muscles and glands formerly belonging to his domesticated cousins.

Until a gun-toting hunter came to the rescue (probably on the way back from some old granny's cottage), the store's workers and customers milled about, terrified that the boar, upon defiling the wares, might turn on them next. Of course, the boar was shot (by the hunter) and subsequently turned into sausage by the butchers. A police officer commented (his mouth most likely full of well-seasoned boar) that the frigid weather had zapped the boar's source of food. A worker (and we're not making this up) added: "Boar sausages are a local delicacy... Not many of our animals deliver themselves--so for that we're very grateful."

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