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The Wednesday Edition: A Roundup of Today's Newspaper Food Stories

What's the country reading today food-wise? Here's a roundup of some of the food-related stories from other newspapers, many of which print their food sections on Wednesday. And remember, even if you don't actually buy papers these days (or not; this paper is free), it's where most of your content comes from. Surf away. Just remember that spilling your macchiato over your keyboard is a lot more expensive than spilling it across newsprint.

At The New York Times, Thomas Keller remembers his late father and Eric Asimov ponders stout.

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In the Los Angeles Times, the 'fruit detective' David Karp considers the quince, and cookbook author and food anthropologist Paula Wolfert writes about her love of clay pot cooking.

The Baltimore Sun weighs in on the 10 Worst Dining Trends of the last decade; the city council overturns a ban on live entertainment in restaurants.

Chicago Tribune celebrates chicken pot pie; and reports on the return of barrel-aged beer.

In the Boston Globe, a review of The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook; and a tasting of over 50 wines for under $12.

Soup recipes for the fall season, from the Denver Post; and (via the Washington Post) a story on new fish rankings from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

At the Dallas Morning News, matching wine to beef bourguignon.

Rachael Ray cooks lunch for sixth graders at the New York Daily News.


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