The Wednesday Edition: A Roundup of Newspaper Food Stories

The Wednesday Edition: A Roundup of Newspaper Food Stories

You can't replace the feeling of lounging on the couch with a scrunched-up newspaper. But with the web, at least you don't need to worry about getting ink on your hands and bagel. Here's a roundup of some food-related stories from our country's newspapers this week. Lucky for us, it's mostly free. For now. Macchiato optional.

In its new Saturday section, The Los Angeles Times on L.A. as "expanding culinary mosaic;" Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air; and how to massage kale.

At The New York Times, the scoop on food ghostwriting; one cabbage eaten many ways; Marilyn Hagerty (of Olive Garden fame) tries a New York hot dog; new pastry chefs at Le Bernardin and Jean Georges; Mitt Romney eats meatloaf cakes for his birthday; and making airline food tasty.

Co-workers could sabotage your diet with home-cooked goodies, says The Wall Street Journal; how restaurants deal with no shows (credit card numbers, middle fingers); and the best dim sum in Hong Kong.

The unplugged food processor (a mortar and pestle); and female craft bartenders defy gender stereotypes at The Washington Post.

In The Boston Globe, cookbooks aren't just for cooking anymore; and fans drink Russian imperial stout beer "Kate the Great" -- served only one day of the year.

Lamb and beef Irish stews in The Chicago Tribune.

The San Francisco Chronicle names six "rising star" chefs.

The Detroit News reports that the restaurant business is beginning to thrive in a region where "unemployment hovers around 10.1 percent and some industries are still struggling."

Hugh Jackman (among other celebs) has a charity coffee, says the Associated Press via The Miami Herald.

At The Orange County Register, three Santa Ana high-schoolers win the "Cooking Up Change" competition.

The Austin Chronicle relays social media tips from food trucks.

The rise of gourmet grapeseed oils in The Sacramento Bee.

At The New York Daily News, an indoor produce farm in Brooklyn.

And finally, we learn about mezcal in The Kansas City Star.

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