Avocado Frito at Corazon y Miel
Avocado Frito at Corazon y Miel
Anne Fishbein

The Undercover Vegetarian: Corazon y Miel

Corazon y Miel (subject of this week's restaurant review) is basically a meat-obsessed restaurant. There's a lot of pig parts, a lot of chicken bits. But it caters to vegetarians in that there's at least one starter and one (and sometimes two) entrees that are meat-free.

On a recent menu, the one non-meat starter was the fun -- and sweet enough to also appear on the dessert menu -- fried avocado with mango chutney. There was a wedge salad that came with bacon; I imagine they'd leave it off if requested.

The vegetarian entree was a mushroom mole with hominy. The mole was dark and rich, and very, very chocolaty. Like much at Corazon y Miel, I felt as though there was a little too much sweetness that found its way into this entree -- not enough to outright ruin it, but enough so that if it had been dialed back just a smidge, the mole would have been one of my favorite dishes on the menu.

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I get the sense that as much thought and care go into the meat-free food as the pig-heavy dishes. Vegetarians won't starve at Corazon y Miel, but they also won't have much in the way of options.

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