Lamb head and hoof soupEXPAND
Lamb head and hoof soup
Eddie Lin

The Souper Bowl: All of the Best Soup Options in L.A.

This Sunday, ginormous men in tight pants collide for hours on a nicely manicured lawn, while scores of Americans turn on their televisions to watch million-dollar commercials for sugary soft drinks and weight-loss drugs. While these masses' asses are firmly planted on the couch for the big game, there will be fewer folks assembled at restaurants around town. So get in formation with a flock of your fellow football-averse friends for a little celebration of your own. We like to call it the Souper Bowl. That's right, slurp up some savory goodness at these dispensaries of hot broth and liquid comfort around L.A.

Cure Colds and Hangovers With This Iranian Lamb Head and Foot Soup
Winter, especially the kind of winter we’re experiencing recently in Southern California, is the ideal time to eat the Iranian sheep soup called kalleh pachec, a name that doubles as its ingredient list. Translated from Farsi, kalleh pacheh means head, foot.

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The Souper Bowl: All of the Best Soup Options in L.A.
Hana Ichimonme

The Find: Champon Noodle Soup at Hana Ichimonme in Little Tokyo
Ramen is champion in L.A., but the champon version has almost no name recognition. It appears L.A.’s sole source for champon (on the everyday menu) is Hana Ichimonme, located on the third floor of the rollicking Little Tokyo Galleria.

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Jun ramen at Tatsunoya
Jun ramen at Tatsunoya
Garrett Snyder

Expand Your Ramen Knowledge at These Noodle Shops
Ramen started in China, became a staple in Japan and, in the past decade, blew up in Southern California. It’s a pork-based soup, with noodles, so its popularity isn’t exactly a surprise. The shock, really, is that it took so long.

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The Souper Bowl: All of the Best Soup Options in L.A.EXPAND
Kayvan Gabbay

Discover Chicken Terrine Ramen at the Ramen Joint in Westchester
The Ramen Joint opened in 2016 and has been serving bowls of rich ramen ever since.  Located on a quiet, one-block stretch of almost suburban Westchester (despite being a stone's throw from LAX), it often has lines out the door.

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