The Pumpkin-ification of Everything: McDonalds Jumps on the Bandwagon With a Pumpkin Shake

When the air begins to turn crisp (or, in L.A.'s case, when it turns 60 degrees for two days, then goes back to 80), certain desires are set off in our brains. I, for one, all of a sudden have a burning desire to buy boots. Our emotions become football-addled. We begin to cook stews and soups again. And apparently, this year, everyone has decided that everything in the world should be pumpkin-flavored.

The pumpkin-spice latte has been around for years, of course. But slowly, the pumpkin creep has permeated more and more, and now it's just downright ridiculous. There's pumpkin pie soda (eeew, right?). Pringles is debuting a pumpkin spice flavored chip. There's pumpkin non-dairy creamer, pumpkin Pop-Tarts, pumpkin Eggos ... well, you get it. There's a lot of pumpkin shizzle out there.

The pumpkin madness has permeated L.A. restaurants as well. There's pumpkin enchiladas at Malo. Magnolia Bakery has pumpkin whoopie pies. And at Street, they're serving a pumpkin mojito, which gets the prize for worst-sounding cocktail of the year. (I haven't tried it ... it might be great! You go ahead and try it and let me know.)

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And now, McDonald's has gotten in on the action with a pumpkin milkshake, as part of their new holiday menu. They also appear to be serving some kind of pumpkin-flavored pie.

Pumpkin pie is delicious. But c'mon, people. There are other fall flavors. Can we step away from the pumpkin? Please?

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