The God of Cookery
The God of Cookery
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"The God of Cookery:" Cinefamily's 35 mm Kung Fu Cook-off

"It's like 'Iron Chef' meets 'Kung Fu Hustle'," says Cinefamily manager Hadrian Belove of Hong Kong director Stephen Chow's "The God of Cookery." Tonight at midnight, Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater will host a rare screening of this food film gem in 35 mm, as part of their Far East Funny series.

From their website: "Chow plays the ultimate Iron Chef, a culinary con humiliated by a competitor and deposed (literally) from his throne. From there, it's a steep climb back to the top, as Chow navigates culinary gangs, Shaolin monks, hit men and divine intervention itself."

If you get hungry -- and you will -- pick up one of the theater's jumbo cupcakes along with your popcorn. Cupcakes might seem a little fey compared to the 'sorrowful rice' and 'pissing beef balls' in the film, but you take what you can get.

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"The God of Cookery," screens Friday, June 26 (that would be tonight), at midnight. Cinefamily, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036. (323) 655-2510.


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