Stephen Colbert finds a blade for his sandwich
Stephen Colbert finds a blade for his sandwich
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Stephen Colbert's Olympic Moment: How to Cut a Sandwich with an Ice Skate

You can't say that Stephen Colbert doesn't put his money where his mouth is. Or, in this case, his lunch. The Comedy Central comedian became the patron saint of speed skating when he bailed out the US Olympic speed skating team, whose previous sponsor went bankrupt. Colbert and his viewers raised $300,000 to fill the gap when the Dutch bank DSB went under a few months before the Olympics. Since then, Colbert has appeared on the December cover of Sports Illustrated in a speed skating outfit, and has repeatedly raised the profile of the sport on his show, The Colbert Report.

Colbert, who describes himself as the Olympic team's "Assistant Sports Psychologist," brought his game to the front row of the Richmond Olympic Oval on Wednesday, to watch the men's 1000 meter race. He also brought his lunch. U.S. skater Shani Davis won the event. Colbert scored points for practicality and style for his creative use of a speed skate. No word on who made the blade, or if we can expect Bob Kramer to branch out with a new line of specialty chef's skating boots. Much better than orange Crocs.


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