Sqirl, which will be the inspiration for two new books by chef Jessica Koslow.
Sqirl, which will be the inspiration for two new books by chef Jessica Koslow.
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Sqirl's Jessica Koslow Signs Deal for Two Cookbooks

Jessica Koslow, the chef and jam-maker behind Sqirl, has just signed a two-book deal with Abrams. The first book is due out in spring, 2017. 

The first book will be a Sqirl cookbook and lifestyle book, which Koslow describes as "everything I want to eat: breakfast, lunch, pastry...just everything I want to eat every day." (Incidentally, "everything I want to eat" is exactly how we described Koslow's cooking.) She says it will be a book about L.A, and about Silver Lake and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

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"Being out in New York talking to publishers, they'd talk about what they think is going on in Los Angeles," Koslow says. "And there really is a disconnect between what people think about L.A. and what's actually going on here. So I do want the book to be about: Look, this is Silver Lake, this is L.A. Here's the way we're eating here, which isn't necessarily how people think we're eating." She's hoping the book will be accessible to everyone — she's not looking to do a serious cheffy book that regular people can't use to actually cook from. 

The second book will be about canning. "There will be a couple of jam recipes in the first book, but most of that will go into the second book."  

This is a busy time for Koslow — next week, construction starts on Sqirl Away, the to-go and retail component she's adding to Sqirl in the space that was Lou's wine shop. She expects construction to take about three months. 

She also hopes there will be more books to come. "When I think about how I was cooking last year, and how I'm cooking now, there's been such an evolution. By the time 2017 rolls around, I'm sure it will have changed again."

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