The course is inspired by British golf clubs from Kara Godfrey's childhoodEXPAND
The course is inspired by British golf clubs from Kara Godfrey's childhood
Hole 19

Sneak a Peek at L.A.’s Fun New Pop-Up: Hole 19 Mini Golf Bar

With our perfectly predictable weather (atmospheric river aside) and wide open spaces, L.A. used to be the miniature golf mecca of America. They lined Wilshire Boulevard, landscaped with trout-filled lakes and snack bars. But alas, all that valuable real estate got gobbled up to make room for office buildings. For the next eight weeks starting Friday, March 15, Kara Godfrey is bringing a new wave of indoor mini golf to West Hollywood. The Hole 19 Miniature Golf Bar is a place for adults to enjoy a round of golf with a cold beer or cocktail in hand.

Countryside passage from the course to the barEXPAND
Countryside passage from the course to the bar
Michele Stueven

The course is designed to mimic an overgrown British golf club from Godfrey’s childhood, covered in greenery, woods and vines. Fairy lights dangle from the rafters like twinkling stars and rusted golf carts rest beside the holes. Unlike any other course, cocktails are welcomed, with drink holders built into the walls.

The clubhouse room is home to the main bar and has a distinctly British feel, serving beer, wine, champagne and gin or vodka cocktails. It’s dotted with four large TV screens for sporting inspiration. Hidden at the back of the venue is a secret and dimly lit speakeasy.

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Hole 19 barEXPAND
Hole 19 bar
Hole 19

“There’s nothing like it in L.A. at the moment,” Godfrey tells L.A. Weekly. She spent eight months on the concept. “We want to be part of a resurgence of something that we did with family and friends in a more modern space. It's super popular in London , Manchester and Liverpool, and we thought we’d give it a go here. We’d love to bring back mini golf to L.A.”

A rotation of food trucks such as Evolution Burger, Avocadamamma, Lettuce Feast and We Are the Vegan Hooligans will be on hand near the hidden alley behind Jar Restaurant (no connection)

Secret entrance to the speakeasyEXPAND
Secret entrance to the speakeasy
Hole 19

Hole 19 Bar will be open from March 15 through May 25, Thursdays thru Sundays, to those 21 and over; on Thursdays, it’s 18 and older with no alcohol served. 

Hole 19 Bar, 314 N. Harper Ave., West Hollywood; advance tickets here.


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