Sprout Surprise Whopper from Burger King
Sprout Surprise Whopper from Burger King
Burger King

Seasonal Fast Food: UK Burger King's Brussels Sprout Whopper

There has been a push, over the last few years, for seasonal eating. Consuming locally grown, seasonally appropriate food will lead to a better environment, and perhaps more importantly, better tasting fruits and vegetables. But there is another kind of calendar-driven dining that happens across the globe: seasonal fast food.

The McRib, for example, is only available during a certain part of the year. But Christmas, of course, is the time of year when most major chains have some kind of seasonal food or drink addition. Starbucks and Coffee Bean carry ginger bread lattes, Jack in the Box has been known to push egg nog milkshakes, and last week in the UK, Burger King made a Brussels sprout whopper.

Burger King's "Sprout Surprise Whopper," contained Brussels sprouts and emmental cheese. Internet response was not kind. A headline from the New York Daily News read: "Burger King adds Brussels sprouts to Whopper in UK; Surprise Sprout Whopper garners tepid reaction." The Consumerist, meanwhile, wrote, "Burger King Tempts No One With Brussels Sprout Whopper."

So what do you think? Is it time for more vegetable-driven, seasonal fast food? Can we interest anyone in a kohlrabi double-double (vegetable style)?


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