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Savory in Malibu Closes

For fans of chef Paul Shoemaker's food, the hike up the PCH to get to his Malibu restaurant Savory was always a secret blessing, since not only did you get to eat a fantastic meal, but you could also drink too much of Emilio Estevez' lovely wine and then go sit on the beach at Point Dume afterwards. Well, you're going to have to eat beach sandwiches now, as Shoemaker closed Savory today.

Shoemaker opened Savory, his first restaurant, in August of 2010. Before opening in Malibu, Shoemaker cooked at Providence and Water Grill and was one of the executive chefs at the late and possibly lamented Bastide, after Walter Manzke and before Joseph Mahon, if you kept track. The reason for the highly regarded restaurant's closing? Unresolvable issues with Savory's landlord, who was also part-owner of the restaurant. In a press release sent this afternoon, Shoemaker writes:

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We would like to thank the entire community and the City of Malibu, all of our guests that have supported us over the last two and a half years, and most of all we would like to thank our incredible and amazing staff. We are so appreciative to have had such a talented, professional and loyal group of employees working with us all of this time. This is a sad day and one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I love Malibu and everyone here. We will never forget this amazing experience. Eat. Drink. Be Local.

Here's hoping Shoemaker will be behind the stoves again very, very soon.

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