Peach Donuts at Donut Man
Peach Donuts at Donut Man
Samantha Bonar

Saveur Names 4 L.A. Doughnut Shops Among Favorites in the U.S.

It's all about doughnuts (or donuts) in the March issue of Saveur, out now on newsstands. The cover promises a list of the world's best inside. But according to features article contributor Michael Krondol, who's working on an upcoming book on the pastries, "though donuts take on countless shapes, textures, and forms around the world, it's in America where these fried cakes came of age."

You can easily find good doughnuts in Los Angeles. Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood highlighted four L.A. shops in their "United States of Donuts" -- a sidebar that named their 50 favorite shops across the country. Along with the requisite The Donut Man in Glendora, they included Westwood Village's Stan's Donut Corner, Earl's Donuts in Chatsworth, and Doughnut Hut in Burbank. And elsewhere in the magazine's doughnut coverage, Waylynn Lucas shared her recipe for raspberry-buttermilk fonuts.

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What do you think of the shops picked for Saveur?

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