Saturday Night Live Spoofs Paula Deen
Screenshot of Weekend Update

Saturday Night Live Spoofs Paula Deen

Paula Deen made her debut on Saturday Night Live over the weekend -- or rather, Kristen Wiig debuted her best Paula Deen impression. During a segment on "Weekend Update With Seth Meyers," Wiig slowly swiveled in as Deen, with a drumstick in one hand and a big stick of butter in the other, to address the lawsuit that was filed against Deen and her brother last week in Georgia -- among other controversies surrounding Deen.

And it doesn't get much 'butter' than the performance Wiig gave...

She continuously stroked her hair and lips with butter while nibbling on the drumstick. She also referred to her Type II diabetes as a case of "the butters," And when Meyers brought up allegations that Deen used the N-word around her staff, Wiig (as Deen) thought Meyers meant "nutrition."

"I would rather diet and exercise than use the N-word."

Wiig's appearance as Deen brings back memories of another favorite Food Network personality spoof on SNL: Bobby Moynihan as Guy Fieri.


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