Sam Sifton Is Named NYT Restaurant Critic: The Game of Food Musical Chairs Stops, This Time

This just in from The Diner's Journal, the New York Times blog on Dining Out: the announcement that Sam Sifton, formerly editor of the NYT Dining section and most recently Culture editor, will replace outgoing NYT restaurant critic Frank Bruni.

From executive editor Bill Keller's email: "We had some really impressive candidates, writers who know their food and have interesting things to say about the way we eat. Then we threw out the list and drafted Sam Sifton. The choice is both obvious and eccentric. It is obvious because, as a brilliant editor of the Dining section, as an occasional essayist on food for our magazine, and as a writer of discernment and wit and erudition, he is the best candidate any of us can think of."

So, for the latest game of Restaurant Critic Musical Chairs, the music stops. You may all now sit down and eat.

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