Ruth Reichl + Anthony Bourdain
Ruth Reichl + Anthony Bourdain

@RuthBourdain Becomes CHOW.com Columnist

Imagine if Deep Throat wrote for the late-and-much-lamented Gourmet, and you have some vague approximation of the latest news in food writing, in which the hilarious Twitter mashup food personality @RuthBourdain will be writing a column for CHOW.com. Does this say anything about the state of food culture? Of social media? Of print journalism? Maybe. Do we care? Probably not.

Ruth Bourdain will write a biweekly etiquette column, called Ask RuBo, that "will tackle readers' most awkward and pressing questions about dining etiquette with expletive-packed answers that are unlikely to provide much insight, assistance, or edification." Right. The column debuts December 8th.


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