Rob Eshman Gives 10 Reasons Why Saveur is Wrong about L.A.
Saveur Magazine

Rob Eshman Gives 10 Reasons Why Saveur is Wrong about L.A.

Rob Eshman, who writes the food blog Foodaism for the Jewish Journal, does not much like the current issue of Saveur Magazine, which takes as its subject food in the city of Los Angeles. Eshman's post yesterday was titled 10 Reasons Saveur Magazine Is Wrong.

According to Eshman, it's not so much what was included in the magazine--which featured stories by Gael Greene, Patric Kuh, Laurie Ochoa, Sandra Tsing Loh and the Weekly's Jonathan Gold--that's the problem, as much as what wasn't. Eshman's list of what's wrong with Saveur's issue thus reads more like 10 Things Missing From the L.A. Food Scene. "LA, it turns out, has some improving to do," writes Eshman. "It is not a great food city. It is an almost-very good one." Turn the page for Eshman's list. We would, of course, love to hear feedback. Particularly about numbers 5 and 6...

Rob Eshman's list of "10 things missing from LA food." For the complete critique, read Eshman's post.

1. Restaurants close too early.

2. Much of LA is a food desert.

3. Angelenos eat to live. They don't live to eat.

4. Supermarkets and cars ganged up to strangle LA's food culture.

5. The coffee culture is below average.

6. Driving makes for a mediocre bar scene.

7. There are far too few outdoor dining options.

8. We have the best beaches and the best weather, and some of the worst beachside dining in the world.

9. No one comes to LA for the food.

10. The fresh, local food scene has not permeated beyond the precious.


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