Strawberry pie at House of Pies
Strawberry pie at House of Pies
Orly Olivier

Read This Now: The Paris Review on Los Feliz' House of Pies

House of Pies, located on the corner of Franklin and Vermont in Los Feliz, is one of those places that catches your eye for a second on the drive past -- the indeterminately retro style of architecture, the old-school diner facade and, of course, the promise of fresh pie.

For many locals, House of Pies is a cherished local haunt, a place that's been in the same location for more than 40 years and is as reliable today for a cup of coffee and a slice of strawberry pie as it was in 1969. But many of its most regular customers might not realize the fascinating and lonesome history behind House of Pies -- it's one of the last remaining branches of a Southern California empire launched by the creator of IHOP in the 1960s.

In a terrific piece published a few weeks ago in The Paris Review, contributor Aaron Gilbreath profiles the Los Feliz location as both a local eater and a cultural historian, looking back at the heyday of the "homestyle" restaurant in the post-World War II era when families fanned outward via booming suburbs and an expanded highway system. The pie is pretty awesome, too, he adds -- which might be part of the secret as to why this relic of a bygone era has lasted all these years.

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