Poll: The Underrated Burger Smackdown

Poll: The Underrated Burger Smackdown

We need your vote! Not that vote (although you ARE voting today, right? RIGHT???) -- another vote, one with a winner that may not change the course of the country, but will change the fortunes of one lucky burger...

Last week we asked you what Los Angeles' most underrated burger is. We sifted through the hundreds of responses, in comments on the blog and Facebook as well as answers from Twitter, and narrowed it down to 5 burgers. Now we need your vote - which of the burgers below is the most underrated in LA? Voting ends at midnight, next Monday Nov. 12. After that, I'll go out and try the two burgers with the most votes and name the winner of the title: The Most Underrated Burger in Los Angeles. Vote away!


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