Playing Chicken at The Foundry: Chefs Ludo and Greenspan Cook a Chicken Dinner

Playing Chicken at The Foundry: Chefs Ludo and Greenspan Cook a Chicken Dinner

If two chefs feel like cooking together, maybe matching their different versions of a dish up for an evening of good food, they do not necessarily need a glitzy Kitchen Stadium and a bunch of Food Network TV cameras to do so. Sometimes one chef can just drop into another's restaurant, cook, have some fun and share a little community spirit. Which is what will be happening at The Foundry on Melrose tomorrow night, March 2nd, when Ludo Lefebvre (LudoBites) stops in to cook some fried chicken with Foundry chef-owner Eric Greenspan. Tuesdays are normally fried chicken nights at The Foundry, when Greenspan puts on his Bluesy Tuesdays.

The genesis of this ad hoc neighborhood chicken dinner came on Friday, when Lefebvre swung by The Foundry for dinner, only to find that Greenspan had been called away from his stoves ("I was moving a couch," explained Greenspan over the phone later). A Twitter exchange later, and Lefebvre had booked himself for a night of cooking. Both chefs will make their own fried chicken--one of each on a plate--with the regular Bluesy Tuesday menu available.

Chefs dropping in to cook with other chefs seems to be a trend, at least with Lefebvre. Quinn Hatfield, chef-owner of the recently reopened Hatfield's, spent an evening cooking for Lefebvre's most recent incarnation of LudoBites (at Royal/T) one night when Lefebvre was short-handed. And Akasha Richmond, chef-owner of Culver City's Akasha, is helping out by loaning some equipment for tomorrow's dinner. (Richmond had joined the Twitter exchange on Friday.)

Maybe Lefebvre and Richmond can come back and cook up some grilled cheese sandwiches with Greenspan come summer, when Greenspan--who just signed a lease on the space next door--opens his quick service grilled cheese restaurant.


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