Paula Wolfert and a pot of couscous
Paula Wolfert and a pot of couscous
A. Scattergood

Paula Wolfert Comes to L.A.'s Central Library: Moroccan Food, Favorite Kitchen Tools + Issues of Sous-Vide

If you love couscous, Moroccan cuisine and the many glorious cookbooks of Paula Wolfert (not necessarily in that order), you have someplace to be this Saturday morning. Wolfert will be speaking at downtown's Central Library in an event brought to you by the Culinary Historians of Southern California. The talk will focus on Wolfert's latest book, The Food of Morocco, which won a James Beard Award (International cookbook category) on Friday. (Congratulations, Paula!)

When we emailed Wolfert this morning, she said she'll be talking about a number of things: her cookbook (of course), the joys of eating from a common pot, the recipes that didn't make it into the book -- it was a very big book -- and issues of sous-vide vs. traditional cooking. Oh, and also her major influences and what kitchen tools and implements she can't live without. This from a woman who admits to having "a couple hundred" clay pots at home in Sonoma, collected over some 50 years of traveling and cooking.

The talk starts at 10:30 a.m. and is free. Food and discussion will follow. Because it should, shouldn't it.


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